Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Dollop of Heartbreak: Weekend in Review

Today our home is being used as a therapy center for us Hog fans. You see, we played Bama on Saturday. If you don't stay tuned into college football, then you probably didn't know that they were #1 in the country. I was just hoping the game would be close. And it was. But only at the end. When it mattered. And counted. You see, we led the entire game. From 50 seconds into the game, we had their number. We played PERFECTLY. And then, as always, we imploded. We beat ourselves. No doubt about it. And while some have walked away shouting moral victory, I am honestly sick of moral victories. I want to WIN. I want to walk away and say "We are the best!" Plus, I am sick of the media just not giving us respect. And while we basically won 95% of the game, we lost during the 5% that counted. But enough about the Hogs. Aside from the fact that we're heartbroken, we had a great weekend.

Friday two of my best friends from high school, Stephanie and Katie, drove up to visit us and for the game. They brought along their husbands, so we had a FULL house. It was SO much fun staying up talking and laughing with them. Saturday we woke up with Brayden, and all ate breakfast together before the boys left to tailgate. Stephanie and Katie are both pregnant, due one week and three weeks before me respectively. We had a great time talking about pregnancy woes, eating and talking some more. Katie and her husband left to watch the game at a friend's house, so Stephanie and I hung around the house to watch the game/take care of Brayden. I set Brayden up with his snack in front of the tv because he was pretty interested in the game at the beginning. Here are some pictures of his sweet set up:


After the game and when everyone returned home, we ordered pizza and spent the rest of the evening hanging out, cooking chocolate chip cookies and talking.

Today we were jet lagged from the game, everyone dispersed and we headed to church. Drew and I attended an informational discipline class this morning on time out. We haven't really done a lot of time out with Brayden because I didn't really know how to implement it correctly; I think we both walked away with some good pointers and a new found resolution to work on several things with Brayden that we've struggled with recently regarding his strong will. Wish us luck!

I've got a busy schedule this week with dentist appointments, OB appointments and alteration appointments. From here on out our life is in the fast lane, speeding straight toward November 30th with no stopping in sight. I am getting more excited as the day gets closer, but still have that nagging feeling that I am going to have a complete mental breakdown before this is all said and done. Continue to pray for peace in our home and through the addition of another child. Until next time....

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