Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Ramblings.

Too many random things are going on in our household right now, so instead of posting a bunch of little posts, I just combined them all in one. Here goes.

I have hit 'that' point in pregnancy. You know, that point where it's hard to turn over in bed, hard to get off the couch, peeing every hour and being poked in the ribs and side every few minutes. I have decided that with your second child you have a pull of emotions. With Brayden I was wanting him to come ASAP... with Connor, I can't wait to meet him, but I have anxiety about dealing with two babies at the same time so part of me wants him to stay in my tummy as long as possible.

And another pregnancy side note that may be TMI (don't say I didn't warn you!): I am SICK of bloody noses. It seems like every hour I have atleast 1 bloody nose. Thankfully it hasn't ever hit me in public-- can you just see me running to the bathroom with blood coming out of my nostrils? Gross. And embarrassing. 

Brayden ate dog poo yesterday. Actually, ate makes it sound less than what really happened. What REALLY happened is that I had gone inside for 3 minutes, and when I started to go back out he came running up to me with what I thought was mud all over him. Painted like he was ready for war, it was on his face, his hair, he was sucking his fingers... nastiness. I kind of played it down because, after all, it was just mud. But when I hoisted him to the sink to clean him off, I got a good whiff and realized that I was dealing with some STINKY mud. I quickly got off the phone with our pest control company and rushed him to the bathroom for a good scrub down. Thankfully I held my composure remarkably well and didn't gag one bit (although I did think about it!).

I've been really proud and excited for Drew as he started a new job this week. It's at the same company but in a completely different department/industry. I'm so excited for him to be in a career path that he's been wanting for quite some time now, and am proud at how well he's doing to get there. It's also encouraging to me as his wife because for the first time in years I've seen him truly excited about his job, excited about the challenge, and surrounded by people who will help him excel.

The weather here is gorgeous, but with a second cold front coming in this weekend, I feel like fall is completely skipping over us for winter. The meteorologist are already talking about a harsh winter. Lovely. Just in time for me to pop a baby out and be even more worried about RSV.

I feel like there was more that I wanted to share with you, but alas, my pregnant brain has failed me yet again. It's another pj day at our house, since B-man woke up with a fever this morning. I am not quite sure what he is battling since the only other cold symptom he has is a runny nose. I had attributed that the past few days to allergies since Drew was struggling with the same things, but now I am not so sure. He's been picking at his ears the past few days and so I am hoping it's not an ear infection. History has shown us that he just can't kick those on his own and has to get on antibiotics, which is no bueno. And so my friends, I hope that you enjoy your Thursday, and think of me as I nurse a sick little baby back to health :o/

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