Tuesday, September 14, 2010

random thoughts.

Sorry for the lack of serious blogging lately. I've just been SO busy with things around the house that blogging has kind of had to take the back seat to things like cleaning clothes, mopping floors and dusting. You know, the exciting things in my life :)

Speaking of cleaning clothes, I finally picked up some dye and perfume free clothes detergent yesterday at Sam's, and have started cleaning all of Connor's clothes. It's crazy to think that he'll be here in 11 weeks or less. With Brayden, I'm pretty sure I had EVERYTHING completely finished by now. While we are making leaps and bounds in the front room (which will be Brayden's room), I feel like we're far from done. I still need to order Connor's letters for his name, and Drew and I need to make a decision on what his verse will be so that my friend can start his canvas that will go over his changing table. We have to paint the changing table (or should I say Drew has to, since I can't paint) and order some knobs. Ughhh... SO much to do in so little time. And time is not in our favor right now with all kinds of things splattered on our fall calendar. But I am excited about meeting him, and despite some of my mommy fears in how I will handle having two babies, I can't wait to meet him and get to know him.

Last night while I was mopping I decided I should ask you, my faithful readers, what you use to clean your floors. I used Mop and Glo for years, but had quit since I couldn't find it at the store anymore. They've since started restocking it, but I got used to using the Lysol concentrate since I knew it got rid of germs too. Problem is, my floors have this nasty residue built up from the Mop and Glo and it's making them look really gross. I've tried bleach water, ammonia water, and then the Lysol and nothing seems to help aside from me sitting on the floor bent over scrubbing up the nastiness with an old credit card. Seeing how I am 29 weeks pregnant that's not really the best option, so I need other alternatives. Any suggestions of what works great?

Not to jinx myself, but Brayden has done smashingly well with obeying me the past two days. I mean, he still has his moments, but I can tell he is listening, and even said yes maam (or just yesh as he says) when I asked him to put something back yesterday. Considering last week I had several days where I felt like ALL I DID was discipline, this makes my momma heart proud. It also allows me to actually enjoy all of the little things I love about Brayden. His laugh, his smile, his sense of humor.... he truly is a joy to have, it's just that that strong will sometimes clouds my vision of of the big picture.

I've decided that once Connor is eating solids we might not be able to eat out. Even at the cheap places. All of my friends who have girls just let them eat off of their plates when they eat out. We've never been able to do that; Brayden will consume and entire kids meal wherever we go, or if we're at Sam's he now eats TWO pieces of pizza. For such a little guy, that's a LOT of food! We kind of laugh about it, but truth be told, it makes me nervous. We might have to have 4 refrigerators when I have two teenage boys-- YIKES! The funny thing is is that he is still pretty lean for how much he eats... I guess he got my family's fast metabolism. He actually resembles my brother's build, so I have a hunch that he'll be long and lean (with no butt, like me). Makes it hard to buy pants for him because the poor guy needs 18-24 month pants, but because he has no butt they sag pretty bad.

It's raining today, so we're stuck inside. Thankfully I got most of the cleaning and washing done last night and today, so we might be having a little play date later this afternoon to ward off the whining that usually accompanies a rainy, stuck inside day.

And that is about all that's floating around in my head right now. I promise to have something more enlightening later on this week, and if I get around to it, perhaps a new picture or two of the B-manator.

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