Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Girl Talk Blog Hop: Fun Questions

Since I have a few new followers, I thought I'd kind of preview this post by telling a bit about Girl Talk. Girl Talk is a concept conceived by my bloggy friend Laura, and I'm along for the ride thanks to her invitiation. In addition to Laura and I, we also have a resident single gal, Rainey, who posts great things from her point of view. Girl Talk is all things girl... if you're a guy, you're more than welcome to read it, but don't say we didn't warn you. It's a great way to discuss things that you might not see on a personal blog: you know, stuff like boobs (although you do see that on my blog since I tend to be open about all things in my life... LOL), friends, that (ahem) certain time of the month, pregnancy woes, etc. We don't male bash, we just wanted a place that we could be open and make friends with other girls. So that's GIRL TALK. Be sure to check it out! Just recently we decided it'd be fun to start a blog hop so we could "meet" some of the girls who read the blog. This week we have some fun questions on the table to answer, and I chose this one: 
If you could have a single button beside your bed that did one thing, what would you want it to do?
It's funny because I think 3 years ago I probably would have answered something completely different. But looking at my life now, as a stay at home mom, the answer to this question actually came to my mind pretty simply.  My button would make my kid go back to sleep for atleast another hour. There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a dream or deep sleep, and hearing a foot kicking the wall behind your head with a small voice saying "DaaaaaaDaaaaaaa". I mean, I love Brayden and all, and I love his little voice, but sometimes a girl just needs her beauty rest! And these days, since my sleep is interrupted every hour due to a small human laying on my bladder, I'd say that an extra hour of sleep in the morning would do this momma good!

What would YOU have your button do? Feel free to jump in on our Girl Talk Hop by clicking the button and getting all the details over at Girl Talk!


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