Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Steal of a Deal

I like to think of Drew and I as intelligent shoppers. Rarely do we buy something spur of the moment. Every purchase, big and small is usually thought out well in advance. We don't own the latest technology, we don't have fancy cars, our home is simply decorated. But I love it. I also love finding a steal of a deal, especially on something I've been eyeing for a while, but was unwilling to pay the big gobs of money that the retailer wanted for the item.

Enter exhibit A.
At the beginning of the summer I did what every mom does (or I guess what I thought every mom did) and went out and got Brayden a collapsable sided pool. It's the kind I grew up with, so I figured it'd be good for him. I was wrong. He hated it. Not because of the water, but because he couldn't get in and out of it on his own. He much preferred a shallow splash pad where he could run freely and go in and out as he pleases. Not a week after purchasing the pool did I happen across a splash pad/activity center pool at Target. It was exactly what I needed. Problem was, they wanted $35 for it. Considering I just spent $20 on the dud pool I decided to pass and make do with what we had. All summer during my weekly trips to Target, we've strolled past it and I've wanted so badly to get it. But I've waited. And waited. It even went on sale a couple of weeks ago for $18, but I still waited. Then yesterday we made our trip. We were enjoying popcorn and Dr. Pepper. And there it was. Last one left. For $9. I thought about doing a little jig (you know, similar to the ones they show on the Direct Auto Insurance commercials), but refrained from showing too much joy over a splash pad. And now it will sit, stashed away in the garage, anxiously awaiting for next summer, when two little boys will splash their hearts out.

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