Monday, September 27, 2010

Playin' With Daddy

One of Brayden's most favorite things to do is play with his Daddy outside after dinner. Drew usually gets home from work right around the time we're wrapping up dinner for B, so he immediately grabs Drew and runs to the back door. The other night it was perfect weather, so I joined them outside and snapped a few pictures of them playing together on the playset. I love watching my boys play!

I actually like this picture of Drew, which is one of the reasons I put it on the blog. The other reason? Notice the little feet in the WINDOW. Yes, that's Brayden, standing IN the window. The reason we got such a great deal on this playset is because the guy's 7 year old son was jumping from the top of the playset. I'm pretty sure we won't make it to 7 before that happens. Lord help me!
He just screams mischievous.

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