Wednesday, September 1, 2010

People Watchin'

During my errands today, I couldn't help but notice several of the people we either personally encountered or saw from a distance. After about the third person, I realized I was writing a blog post in my head... haha! In no particular order, our outing consisted of:
-guy checking us out at Target with the biggest gauged ears I have ever seen. I mean, generally I try not to look or stare, but this was just too obvious NOT to. They were probably a good 2 inches in diameter (I kid you not), and they were... get this... magnifying glass type gauges. I find gauges to be entirely intriguing, and a little disgusting (I mean, it's really no surprise that I prefer the look of clean cut men who dress a little on the preppy side, so it should kind of be a no brainer that I am not a huge fan of gauges). These definitely bent more towards the disgusting part since they were so ginormously big. And if you don't know what gauges are, here's an example:
 (Image found HERE)
-At Sam's club we saw woman passing us that had a HUGE tat of the word "family" on her entire lower right leg. Like, from her ankle to her knee, cursive, gothic script font FAMILY. I love my family, but I am not sure I'd get a tat that big.
-I'm pretty sure the people at Sam's club think I am the stingiest person in the world. The coke icee machine was broken, but the guy didn't know that so by the time he did I had already paid. He told me that the difference was 23 cents and acted as if he wasn't going to give it back to me. I pointed to where I'd be sitting and told him he could just bring it to me. Well, after he checked out about 10 people (he had to check someone out before he could get the change since he didn't have access to just randomly open the cash drawer), I went back up. But then I realized the difference would actually be 54 cents. They again kind of acted as if I was making a big deal about something that really shouldn't matter. Um, hello people. In case you haven't heard, drinks at Kum and Go are 59 cents, so this is basically a drink for me if I am out and about. Besides the point, it's 54 cents that I shouldn't have to pay. They eventually got me my change, but I have a feeling they'll mumble something under their breath about the stingy lady next time we go eat at Sam's.
-I'm in love with the gas station attendant at Sam's, Earl. He's an elderly man, and if they aren't super busy, he pumps the gas for any of the women who drive up. He's SO sweet, and he is one of those old men who thinks he's funny so he cracks these really corny jokes. I've always told Drew that he'd have to watch me with those old men... they are just so cute! 


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