Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Ramblings

I am completely scatterbrained this morning, so instead of a concise post about something funny in my life, I decided I'd just jot down everything that's on my mind. Get ready...

Yesterday was the BIG consignment sale that I go to twice a year for Brayden's (and now Connor's) clothes. I kind of freaked when I checked out and heard the damage I had done, but then I remembered that I had shopped for not one, but two children, and with exception of a few items for each of them, their winter wardrobe is now complete. In total I spent $177. In return for that money I got Connor at least 3 outfits for church and 3 outfits for play for the 0-3month size, the 3-6 month size, and the 6 month size (if you remember, B was born at the beginning of spring, so while I can reuse his sleepers and things, all of his outfits couldn't be used by C-man because I don't think shorts and t-shirts or polos are appropriate in the middle of winter!). Some people say that babies don't need outfits, but I am not one of those moms who likes to tote my child around town wearing the same sleeper he wore when he was in bed the night before. Call me crazy, but it's just the way we roll. I kind of like them to look like little men. And little man he is! For Brayden, I got the following:
-2 pairs of Khaki pants (1 old navy, 1 baby gap)
-1 long sleeved t-shirt (children's place)
-winter coat (old navy)
-fleece zip up hoodie (faded glory)
-4 pairs athletic pants (3 children's place, 1 gymboree)
-1 pair carharts (my splurge of the day. I normally don't purchase anything over $4 a piece, but Drew had just made the comment the week before he'd like to get B a pair, so when I saw them for $7, I just knew i had to get them. A new pair cost $25).
-6 button up long sleeved dress shirts (2 Ralph Lauren, 2 children's place, 1 gymboree and 1 old navy). I was REALLY excited to find a few Ralph Lauren's for B-- most of the time they are overpriced and I never get any :(
-1 zip up sweater (children's place)
-1 booster high chair (we needed an extra one since B will still need one when Connor starts eating solids).

The only thing I needed that I didn't find for B was long sleeved polo type shirts. Last year I found some at Carter's for $5 a piece, so I am hoping they have something similar this year. I'd also like to get a few of those for Connor as well. They are great because you can put them in athletic pants with them or jeans and khakis, so they work well as play or church clothes. After I shopped I was POOPED. I spent 3.5 hours going through RACKS and RACKS of clothes, sorting through what I had found to figure out what I was going to purchase... next time I need my mom with me to help sort through things, since shopping for two is definitely more exhausting. Also, the clothes are starting to get more worn looking now that B is in the toddler stage, so I am having to really be more picky about what I find. I told Drew that it won't be long before we have to just purchase all his clothes brand new, because the price difference isn't worth him looking like I went dumpster diving for his clothes (again, I am SUPER picky about these things, so some people may disagree). Also, I was really grateful we went ahead and got him his tennis shoes, because the shoes were terrible. They looked so worn out and scuffed, that I would have never been able to get anything, and then I would have been stuck. He still needs a pair of chucks, but I am just going to have to get those new.

I have to run a ton of errands today. B needs tux measurements since I am dressing him in a tux for my sister's wedding in October. I also realized this morning that I am almost out of wipes... NOT good. I think running out of wipes would be worse than running out of diapers.

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail saying I needed to send more info to my insurance company before they'll pay the second ultrasound bill. To be honest, I kind of knew this was coming since I know how insurance companies work (I used to do medical billing for a family practice). Upon calling my current insurance company for clarification, she said I was pre-existing. That statement is funny for two reasons: (a)pregnancy cannot be a pre-existing condition with our insurance company, and (b) even if it was, I didn't even get pregnant till the middle of March, two weeks after the pre-existing cut off date. So basically, I told the lady exactly what was going on, and she said I was right, and told me what to do. I've had to sit on hold for atleast an hour cumulative trying to chase down the right departments for our previous insurance companies so I can get our letters of credible coverage sent to us. Once I have those I also have to contact my doctor and the billing department of the hospital to make sure that my doctor sends in the information saying that the ultrasound was medically necessary (and it was, since Connor's kidneys were enlarged). While I know exactly what needs to be done/said to get all of this taken care of, it's frustrating having to chase my tail all day with the insurance companies. I'm hoping that it will get fixed without any huge bumps in the road.

Brayden is really into hiding things these days. Last night we could not find his tooth brush, so had to forego brushing teeth. I found his tooth brush this morning in his little Leap Frog train. But now I can't find his milk cup he had at breakfast this morning. I have searched EVERYWHERE, and am scared I might not find it till it curdles and starts stinking. Gross.

I woke up yesterday with a sore eye. I think the culprit has now shown it's ugly face: a sty. Not only is it sore, it itches like crazy... not a good combo. Not really sure what to do about it, other than warm compresses. I have to put a call into my friend/eye doctor today sometime to see if she has any suggestions.

Well, it's almost the end of B's naptime, so I think I need to go and get ready for the day. We're supposed to be getting a cold front today, so our highs will finally kick the 90s to the curb, and we'll be sitting pretty at low 80s as highs and mid 50s as lows... bring it on FALL!

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