Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend In Review

This post is a bit late, but better late than never (I find that that is the anthem of most moms of more than one child... things are just a bit slower around here these days!ha!). We had a great weekend, reflecting on the past year and bringing in the New Year.

Drew was able to have off on Friday, so on Thursday night we had a family date night at Chick-Fil-A. Everyone had such a fun time that we decided that we'll probably make it a weekly, or atleast bi-weekly tradition. Friday we just hung out as a family and had a nice relaxing New Years Eve. Friday afternoon we went on our infamous run to the store to join the ranks of extreme couponers. A lot of you have asked where we got our coupons... they were emailed to us by a friend, but I am pretty sure they were Smart Source coupons. And  yes, they were valid, real coupons! We checked with the store manager before we ever stocked our carts full of stuff with our two babes... no point in running around getting stuff we wouldn't be able to purchase otherwise. After our grocery run I decided I wanted some wine for New Years Eve so we decided to run by the liquor store. Let me be the first to say that I will never go into a Liquor Store on New Years Eve. Oh. My. Word. Every person in Arkansas was there, including a minivan complete with it's mattress set on it's roof... in the drive through. At that instance I wanted a smart phone so badly so I could record what, to me anyway, was the most hilarious site. After sifting through the sea of people at the liquor store we headed home with our wine and the movie Salt. After the boys went to bed we enjoyed some red wine and SALT-- I loved the movie by the way! It was the first movie I've seen with Angelina Jolie that I felt like she was actually playing a legitimate role, not just some sex symbol.

Saturday was another lazy day. I made ham and cabbage and a big pot of black eyed peas. I realized this year that I've always made this meal, although after talking about it it kind of seems absurd. Does anyone else celebrate New Years with this meal? I think it might just be a Southern thing. We southerners are weird :) haha!

Sunday we went to church with both boys. Connor decided he would make noise just as the pastor started preaching, so Drew sadly missed most of the sermon. I can't wait for Connor's two month shots so that we can put him in the nursery. I love bringing my babies with me everywhere, but at the same time, you can't really enjoy church always worrying that your baby will start crying or making noise.

That was pretty much our weekend. It was really laid back, which I needed. This week is crazy busy, but I am SO, SO, excited to tell you all that Brayden will be starting Mother's Day Out on Thursday. Drew was so gracious to rework our budget to make it possible for Brayden to go. I think it will be good for him and for me. I need some time away from him so that I can refresh my mind, and I think it will be good for him to get consistent social interaction, as he tends to thrive when he gets to be around other children, and I tend to be a hermit during the winter, barely getting out of the house. Thanks Drew for realizing the need and helping work to make it possible! You're the greatest! Even though our weekend was pretty laid back, we got some good pics of the boys... enjoy!

Everyone always asks how Brayden is doing with Connor... he's a GREAT big brother, and loves to share. Obviously :)
Hims is such a big boy!
A nighttime ritual is wrestling matches with Daddy. The squeals of delight melt my heart!
Brayden the airplane :)
Vroom vroom goes the car!
this picture just makes me smile. He now says "cheese" the minute I pull out the camera!
Nothing better than a bathtub mohawk!
Saturday morning I made chocolate chip pancakes... he not only said cheese, but gave me this goofy face! And can you tell he likes chocolate chip pancakes?! LOL!
I had to take a picture of Connor in this sweet outfit that one of my best, most dearest friends Mare gave to Brayden before B was born. They've now both worn it! My boys love their Auntie Mare!
he wears a double chin nicely, don't you say? haha!

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