Monday, March 28, 2011

A Letter to LeapFrog

Dear Leapfrog,

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many ways you've contributed to the increasing knowledge my son has displayed recently. You know, like the colors and sounds of animals and the sounds and shapes of letters. It makes me so proud to know that my son is learning things so quickly thanks to your handy little toys and videos. However. I feel it's necessary for me to point out one weakness in your tools. Specifically, your Letter Factory DVD. It's great. Really. It is. Brayden loves it. We watched it a million times during the snowpacalypse of 2011.. And that's when it all went downhill for me.

You see, it's clear to both me and my dear husband, that you didn't have a parent review over your sound examples before you released the DVD to the masses. Or perhaps the parents that reviewed the DVD didn't have children like Brayden (which could very easily be the case, since B is a rare gem). While the K very much says "kuh", using an example like a Kite or a Kitten, or something more gentle, would have been far more appropriate than Karate. For now, my son not only knows that the K says "kuh", he also knows that KICK starts with the letter K, and that the K's on leapfrog KICK the wall. "I Kick the wall" is a common saying around our house now. He even has so much pride in his newfound letter knowledge that he accurately displayed it to his pediatrician at the clinic. Yep. Declared to the doc that he "kicks the wall" and went on over and kicked the wall. And while it gave the ped a good chuckle, I was a bit mortified.

So Leapfrog, thank you for all you are doing. But please, for the love of all things holy, try to have a parent watch the videos before you release them. Otherwise, we might have wall destroyers on our hands for generations to come.


Brayden's Momma

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