Monday, March 14, 2011


Sorry to not put any pictures for our Weekend in Review. I am SO exhausted from caring for a sick baby and not getting enough rest myself that I can barely keep my eyes open. Brayden has been able to hold down crackers and gatorade, but still feels pretty puny. He's weak, so it's hard for him to get around, so he mainly just lays on the floor on his pallet we made for him, watching movies. For those of you who know Brayden, this is EXTREMELY rare. I feel so sorry for him. Anyways, here's some pics from our weekend.

Connor hanging out in the stroller at the park. He's the sweetest :)
I couldn't get this boy to sit still for a picture... go figure!
we got a dog from build a bear on friday, and B loved it! He especially liked the "bath" that they give them after they are stuffed. What a fun experience!
Brayden at the party on Saturday
LOVED the bounce house!
all the bebes :) John (on the left) is a month younger than Connor. And Colson (on the right) is 8 months old. Precious little boys!

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