Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PJ Colony.

Greetings from the first PJ colony of Northwest Arkansas. No. Seriously. We've been in our pjs since Sunday. Showers? Thing of the past. Around here we boast of greasy hair, vomit soaked t-shirts, and huge walmart bags of poo filled diapers. Sound appealing? No? Then don't sign up to have kids. A day like this is in the future of all mothers, for that I am certain.

To be clear, we're not quite sure at this point what's going on. Most virus' will last 24-48 hours. If you calculate, we're going on day 5 of Brayden's INSIDES wanting to be OUTSIDE. It's horrible. I feel so terribly sorry for  him. The little guy LOVES to eat, and I know he's hungry because he tells me so, but then anything he eats just comes right out-- of one end or the other. My nerves are being worn to the very core-- one can only handle a sick, clingy toddler on top of a needy infant so much before she cracks. I'm not sure I'm at the cracking point yet, but it's close. I took a shower today just to see if that would help (I hadn't taken one since Sunday night-- I know, gross, but honestly, I haven't quite had time to worry about my own personal hygiene at this point). It did, until B threw up on me about 30 minutes after I was clean. Go figure. We called the doctor's office this afternoon, and he has an appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'm just praying for answers.

The ray of sunshine in the midst of these clouds of sickness is the smile:
Despite the whining (which I can't really say I blame him after endless runny diapers, a HORRID diaper rash and constant vomiting), he really is one of the sweetest boys around.

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