Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Paci Fairy Part 2: She's On Her Way.

(If you're not familiar with the paci fairy yet, you might want to go back and read part 1 first).
After two days of hyping up her arrival, the paci fairy has a date tonight. I don't think Brayden really understood the little talks we had before naptime and bedtime the past two days, but regardless, he was excited about packing up the paci's tonight for our new fairy friend.
He kept saying "heaven" while we were packing the paci's up, since I've been telling him that the paci fairy takes the paci's to heaven for the babies that are with Jesus. He proudly brought the box to the door on his own.
We said "bye bye" to the paci's... several times in fact.
We looked out of the window after we had come inside. Yep, the pacis were still there.
We said our prayers (Woody always joins in on prayer time as well), and thanked God for the paci fairy, who helps Jesus.

And then we went to bed. Crying.

Wailing is probably a better term.

It lasted a whole 10 minutes. And then abruptly stopped.

Drew and I are wondering how rocky tonight will be. But I am determined to hold my ground (this is where having a strong will comes in handy! haha!).

As for the pacis...
They are awaiting the arrival of our fairy friend on our front porch. Rumor has it that she is bringing a Thomas the Tank Engine tonight.

But don't tell her I told you ;)

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