Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend in Review

This weekend, I experienced something I haven't been able to experience in close to 2 years. Yes, thanks to my awesome husband, I was able to retreat for close to 24 hours of pure solitude. Well, perhaps pure solitude is not the right word, since I did my fair share of shopping at the beginning of my excursion. You see, I've blogged about, and talked about my dream to be able to get away, kids free, and be able to sit in a hotel room by myself. So when Drew came home this week to let me know that he was giving me my birthday present a bit early: he was going to let me get away this Saturday. I jumped for joy stalled. Yes, you read that right. I stalled. After thinking over why I stalled I think it had more to do with the fact that Brayden has just gotten over the world's worst stomach virus, both boys are on meds, and that can get confusing, and I am a control freak and have a hard time letting go and letting people do things for me. But I went, because I knew I needed it, and who knows when the opportunity will arise again. So Saturday, after our typical visit to Sam's club (and it was our first excursion out since B had gotten sick one week prior), we got B down for a nap and I left the house, bags in tow. My first stop: the promenade. Saturday was a beautiful day, and I was able to enjoy a shopping trip, whipping in and out of stores, and only have to feel pity to the mommies who all wanted to the same thing but had whiny kids. After shopping, I checked in to the hotel (I stayed at Aloft, the same hotel chain we stayed at in Dallas, and I must say, I'm in love!) and laid on the bed. To have an entire king sized bed (with extra pillows-- Drew asked for them when he made my reservation) all to myself and only hear the hum of an air conditioner was pure bliss. I basically laid in bed for the remainder of the evening, only getting up to make a quick trip to Olive Garden for dinner. My peace was fabulous, and much needed. Thanks Drew for such an incredible birthday gift!

Today when I got back Brayden was ecstatic to see me, and we enjoyed lunch while talking about the things him and Drew did together while I was away. This basically consisted of him repeating "baseball, basketball and football" over and over again, with the word "daddy" interjected in for good measure. The boy LOVES sports :) After lunch we decided to cash in on the good weather and head to the park.

Connor, chillaxin' in the stroller
I think he was telling me how you shoot a basketball and then get a "GOAL!"
He's starting to want to get on the big boy swings
climbing on the ropes

Brayden had a blast meeting new friends and running around. We headed home for nap times this afternoon, and then once the boys woke up from naps we headed to Aldi's for a weekly grocery run, and then ended the day by playing in the backyard.

my 3 boys-- love all 3 of them!
I love this little outfit I got at Rhea Lana's. Sad part? It's size 9 month. :( Baby boy is getting big!

We've got a busy, fun filled week planned. Hope yall have a good week!

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