Wednesday, March 9, 2011


(I meant to post this earlier today, complete with a pic of B. Unfortunately the day got away from me, and here I sit at 10pm with no picture, and posting almost before the day is complete. Better late than never I suppose.)

Today might be an ordinary day to you. But to me, it's the beginning of the last month of 1. Yes, that's right. My big baby boy, is well on his way to turning 2 (or 'almost thwee' as he likes to say. Hey, whatever floats his boat!).

I have mixed emotions about this almost milestone that we're hitting. In some ways, I am breathing deeply, trying to keep my cool, as Brayden has literally become posessed by what I like to call the 2 year old demon. Every. Little. Thing. is a BIG, BIG deal to him, and if he doesn't get his way, he let's us, and the entire universe know about it. The whining has reached an all time high, and he wants me to hold him almost constantly. I suspect some of this can also be attributed to a late onset of sibling/baby anger, but he's still so sweet to Connor (he now says "that's my Tanna" when speaking of Connor) so I don't know.

On the flip side, I feel as though someone is trying to drag me through time at warp speed, and I am frantically trying to hold on to something to keep from being pulled into the future. How can it be that I have an almost two year old? I no longer shop in the 'months' clothes... I shop in the toddler clothes. I only have about 3 more sizes before he's in KIDS sized shoes. He speaks in understandable (well, to me he is understandable) sentences, laughs at things that he thinks are hilarious, and is now running to me to give me a hug and lay his head on my chest. Time. STOP. NOW.

When I roll out of bed each morning, I ask God to grant me patience and wisdom on how to tackle the day. Lord knows I need both more than any other soul on the planet. But I'm also beginning to ask him to not let me take for granted these days that I have with my little dirty blonde baby boy. As much as I loathe the whining, the clinging, and the endless discipline, I know that one day, in the not too distant future, I'll look back and wish that I was right back where I am sitting today.

Brayden-- you are the embodied answer of so many prayers, both from your dad and I, and so many of our friends and family. When God gave us you, he gave us one of the biggest blessings he could ever bestow upon us. He has placed you in my life to rub off more of the rough edges that I have, and you are doing a FINE job of that young man! I love your adventurous spirit and your kind and gentle heart that you have for other people. Hearing you scream across the parking lot at someone to say hello makes me giggle, and watching you truly love on someone with such precious innocence warms my heart. You're always keeping me on my toes, and I'm always having to think 4 steps ahead of you-- such a sharp little cookie you are! I love that you are beginning to grasp who Jesus is... my prayer is that you continue to grow in love with our Savior and one day will have a personal relationship with Him. He is the only one who will never fail you! Brayden, thank you for making me laugh, stretching me beyond where I feel I can be stretched and for enriching the lives of each one of us in your family more than you'll ever know! I love you so much little mister!


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