Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend in Review | Vicious.

Whew. I am pooped and it's not even Monday yet. Perhaps I should explain....

The weekend started out like any other. Actually, it started out better than a lot of weekends past, as we were able to go on our first REAL date since C-man was born. Between visitors, schedule conflicts and budget restraints, it just hasn't happened. So we were beyond giddy when we were able to leave both boys with my sweet cousin Bethany and head out to hit the town. We went to a new place called HuHot-- if you live here locally in NWA, I HIGHLY recommend it! It's a Mongolian grill that is PHENOMENAL. We literally stuffed ourselves silly. Funny story of the night-- after my 2nd (yes, second) plate, I decided I really just wanted some more spinach. So I loaded my bowl full of spinach and headed to the grill. When the grill guy got to my order, he said "who's Popeye?!" hahahaha. My reputation proceeds me, and I am my mother's daughter, what can I say? Of course, afterward we went to Coldstone-- as if we hadn't stuffed ourselves enough already :) YUM.

Saturday we had B's typical swim lessons. We skipped Sam's club this Saturday since Drew needed to study. So I headed home with the boys and Drew went to work so he could study. Saturday afternoon we headed to a birthday party for Brayden's sweet friend Jack. It was a FUN party, and B wore himself out running around, jumping in the bounce house and playing every sport imaginable! SO fun.

So basically our weekend started well. But this morning at 3am, all hell broke loose in our house. Connor woke up in the middle of hte night, something he hasn't done in a few weeks, so I was already kind of crabby. I crawled back in bed at 3:30, only to be woken up again at 4:30am. Brayden was fussy, but this isn't abnormal right now, as we're dealing with him getting out of bed, so I found him a new paci and put him back to sleep. At 5am when he woke again, I was about to get REALLY, REALLY mad. Drew went to go and get him back to sleep, and quickly ended up back in our room... B had thrown up everywhere. SO, all lights go on, we both try to divvy out responsibilities, and I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning up puke. We finally got B back in bed, only to be awakened around 6:15... he had thrown up again. Basically in a 3 hour span he puked 3 times and by that point we were out of sheets so we threw him in bed with us. He woke up at 7:15 throwing up and we just gave up at that point, and all got up. By 10am I knew something was NOT right, as Brayden was STILL throwing up, and added nastiness out the other end to boot. This horrible cycle went on ALL day until we got some anti nausea/vomitting meds in him around 3:30pm. After that he has been able to hold down gatorade, and at dinner he ate 2 crackers. My poor boy, I've never seen him so sick and it just breaks my heart. Today I literally have washed every single sheet and piece of clothes that we own, and gone between Connor and Brayden. I should be sleeping right now, but I just got a shower and am waiting for my hair to dry a bit before heading to bed.

So there you have it. That's our weekend in a nutshell. I am praying fervently that tomorrow is a good day, and that somehow Drew, Connor and I miraculously don't come down with this nasty bug. I've been lysoling (I know, that's not a word, but it should be, especially in my house, as I tend to spray that stuff generously on everything!) like it's going out of style, and have been the queen "wash your hands" lady at every turn. if you think about us, please pray that B would heal quickly and that the rest of us will stay healthy. It's supposed to be a beautiful week, and we had fun playdates planned on most days, and I hate thinking about being holed up inside with germs all week. I'll post pictures from this weekend later... I'm off to bed. Nighty Night!

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