Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend in Review

Oh, what a fun weekend we have had here at our house. For the first time in what feels like FOREVER, we have all remained relatively healthy. For the first time since Christmas we have seen my parents, and were able to not only celebrate my birthday, but also Brayden's (which is only 2 weeks away... sniff, sniff). It was a good weekend indeed.

My parents actually arrived on Wednesday night, so we had an early start to weekend festivities. Drew was able to get off early on Thursday and Friday to spend time with us. On Thursday, mom and I took the boys to see one of her friends who is in a rehab hospital right now. I was kind of nervous, because you never really know when an implosion might happen, but both boys did so well, and it brought a smile to my mom's friend's face. After the hospital we took the boys to Target. Always a fun adventure, this trip didn't disappoint either, with Brayden throwing a fit in the shoe section because he wanted a pair of flip flops, and ending with B throwing a plastic cup out of the buggy, which subsequently broke on impact. Thankfully Target does not hold to a "you break, you buy" policy (don't worry, we checked!).

Friday morning my dad took Brayden on a little date to the donut shop. He LOVED it, and I am so glad Dad has started that tradition with him when they are here. Friday mom also treated me to a pedicure. I'm pretty sure pedicures are my most favorite thing right now as a mom. Basically it's silence accompanied by sitting in a massage chair and having someone scrub your legs and feet. LOVE. Afterward we went shopping together, something that I love doing with my momma. We actually went shoe shopping because I've been looking at getting a GOOD pair of flip flops, and she said that that could be my birthday present. So we went... and... I joined the Chaco cult. haha! I actually don't really like the chaco sandals, but there are these chaco flip flop hybrid shoes that I have looked at and really like the way they felt on my feet. Anyways, now I am a proud owner of Chaco hipthongs:
 (Image from HERE)

These are really comfortable, and give me A LOT better arch support than the Old Navy flops I've been wearing for the past 3 years. BTW, while we were there, mom tried on the most comfortable pair of actual flip flops I have ever felt. They are called OluKai flip flops, and are amazing. Of course, they are also $80, but seriously, they are worth it. I promise.

After shopping we met up with Drew, my dad and the boys and headed to dinner at HuHot. I was kind of nervous bringing B there since you never know how he's going to act, and overall he did OK. Towards the end he was getting antsy, but he did well for a 2 year old at a Mongolian Grill.

Saturday we kind of just hung out around the house until the afternoon, where mom and dad brought B to Toys R Us to get his birthday present... a SANDBOX! B was so sidetracked with all of the toys there that he really didn't understand everything going on, so he doesn't know what fun awaits him in the backyard once this dreary weather passes and we get back to springtime temps! Saturday night we went to dinner to celebrate my birthday at a local Italian restaurant, Joe's. SO yummy! Brayden LOVED it. Seriously, he sat there the entire time eating rolls and ziti. I wanted to make sure we did something special with a cake or something, for B's birthday since my parents won't be able to come up for his actual party in two weeks. SO, after dinner we went next door to Braum's and got B an m&m sundae and sang happy birthday.

Here's a few pics from the weekend:

Smiliest guy this side of the Mississippi :)
we had to cheat a little and tickle him to smile
this was our attempt at getting both boys with Gigi. Clearly Brayden was not having it, and Connor looks disturbed by the screaming (a common occurrence at our house-- haha!).
Papa bought B some bubbles on their little date on Friday
the blue eyed babe just hanging out!
my mom got Brayden a cheerios book. I've not seen him sit that still in one place for a LONG time!

Mom and Dad left this morning, so we are experiencing the lull after company :( Drew has a midterm tomorrow so he's busy studying, so today we've laid low and not done much. I am hopeful that this week we can stay well to enjoy doing some things outside of the house again! Hope yall have a good week!

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