Monday, March 28, 2011

The Paci Fairy.

With the impending second birthday of my first born, I thought it necessary to bite the bullet and invite the paci fairy to our home. For the past year I have said on more than one occasion that I'd be inviting her here and we'd be dropping the paci. For good. But for some reason things always seemed to come up. Things that I could use as an excuse to not invite that dear old fairy. You know like, a wedding in the family, long car rides, me being pregnant, me having a baby, and so forth. But it's time. I can no longer stand idly by as my son grows into a toddler and allow him to suck on the most expensive piece of silicone sold (seriously, why are paci's so darn expensive? That has to be the highest retail mark up at Walmart!). So, last night was the first paci fairy conversation. It went a little something like this:

(Brayden getting ready for bed).
Mommy: Hey B, mommy needs to have a conversation with you, can you sit over here on your bottom?
(After about 5 minutes of chasing Brayden around, I finally got him to sit still).
Mommy: B, do you see this paci?
Brayden: Yessss.
Mommy: Well, you know how you're getting to be a big boy?
Brayden: Big boy? Yessss.
Mommy: Well, big boys don't use paci's. They're only for little babies, like Connor.
Brayden: bebe Ton?
Mommy: Yes. Baby Connor. When big boys get to be big, a lady called the paci fairy comes and takes the paci's away to all the babies in heaven. They need paci's too!
(Brayden, starting to look perplexed, continues to listen. I continue...)
So tonight, you can use your paci. And tomorrow, you can use your paci, but the next day, we're going to put ALL of your paci's in a box on the front door step. And then, the paci fairy will come and take them away, to heaven, and she's going to leave you a COOL big boy gift. Probably a TOY!
Brayden: Otay momma. Otay. Yessss. Yesss. Toy!

Then he grabbed the paci, popped it in his mouth, grabbed his blankets and ran to his bed for 'night night.'

The kid doesn't know what's coming.

And honestly, neither do we.

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