Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend in Review

We've had a great weekend with family, celebrating Memorial Day, eating way too much food and enjoying company.

Friday my parents and my brother arrived in the evening to kick start the weekend. I made a really yummy recipe called Creamy Chicken tacos-- it was a HIT and I'll be sharing the recipe on the blog soon (I forgot to take pictures, which I want to do first, then I'll share! I promise!!). Mom and Dad treated Jeff and I to a movie, so we left after dinner to go and see Prince of Persia. We left a wee bit early on the advice of some expert movie goers. Problem was, there was no line. No one was waiting to see Prince of Persia. Thankfully the mall that the theater is in has a food court, which is well equipped with Dairy Queen. As if we hadn't eaten enough chicken tacos, we filled up with a chocolate dipped cone before the movie. It was actually good to get away with my bro and just talk and laugh. I do have to say, that I was slightly perturbed at the teenager who decided to try and be cool by yelling out "Jew" to my brother. Mind you, neither of us are jews, so the title is not directly offensive to either of us. However, I still find the term and the way in which the kid said it offensive. My brother said it was because of his nose (we're Italian, so large noses run in the family--haha)... whatever. Makes no difference. The funny thing is that it came from a group of kids who were all Hispanic. I SO wanted to yell back "dirty Mexican" or something equally revolting, but I held my tongue. Just makes me mad we live in a world that is filled with hate. We moved on, watched the movie (which was 2 hours long), decided it was good but that it was stretched out a bit too long, and came home.

Saturday the boys went to play golf and mom, B and I stayed home. When they came back we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather and grilling out. We had a FEAST of steaks, chicken, grilled corn on the cob (my favorite summer treat!), grilled squash and zucchini, and mashed potatoes! After dinner I gave Brayden his first popcicle and he LOVED it. Cried SO hard when it was finished. He is learning (slowly) that all good things must come to an end!

Sunday after church we decided we'd go out to lunch at Corrino's, since Baton Rouge doesn't have one, and it's one of my parent's favorite places to eat. Generally Brayden does exceptionally well when we eat out. But Sunday he woke up on the wrong side of the crib, and was cranky pants magoo all day long. This included lunch, so the majority of the time Drew spent outside with B in the car. My brother would bring bread out to them every couple of minutes, and then when the food arrived they came back in to enjoy lunch with us. Or I should say, tried to enjoy. Brayden would have nothing to do with the food we offered him-- bread, spaghetti, chicken, etc. NOTHING. Just cried, arched his back and cried some more.
Thankfully when he woke up from his afternoon nap he was a bit happier, so we decided to make a trip to the park.
I know this is a weird picture, but please notice the HUGE smile on my boy's face. If that is not a picture of sheer joy, then slap me silly!
The park has a little walking trail, so we brought the wagon so we could go on a walk too.
And look what was an attraction on the walk... Cows! Brayden has learned that cows say "Mooo". It sounds like "MMMMM" when he does it. For the remainder of the walk, he kept mooing. It was SO funny.
Gigi showed B how to blow a daffodil seed thingy (the exact word escapes me at this time) and make a wish.

Dad and I hanging out this morning before they left. Please ignore the fact that I had just woken up and look pretty rough. haha.
Brayden and his Gigi. He loves his Gigi!

This morning my family left, and Drew had a ton of school work to catch up on. I didn't really feel like sitting at home doing nothing, especially with a baby to entertain. So we went out to Old Navy to shop for some maternity clothes. Most of my maternity clothes from my pregnancy with B is either winter or work clothes, so I have to buy a few new pieces so that I'll have stuff to wear. Right now I am still on my regular clothes, but I figure in a few weeks I'll be wanting something a bit more comfortable and I don't want to be unprepared like I was last time and have a mental breakdown. Can I just say that I hate shopping for maternity clothes? I mean, I really don't like shopping for regular clothes, but when it comes to maternity it's even that much worse. You see, I am a small size. And for some reason, stores don't stock but about 2 pieces of each article of clothing on my size. So in the event I actually am able to find something I like, I rarely am able to find it in my size. It's SO frustrating! And maternity clothes as a whole is not that cute. I mean, maybe 5% of the entire stock of maternity clothes ANYWHERE is cute. And the cute stuff is always marked up so high-- like $40 for a shirt, of $50 for a pair of pants. I get so frustrated that I generally just walk out of the store and don't buy a thing. Thankfully I did find a few tops at Old Navy that were on sale. I might go back to Penny's because they had some cute maternity shorts that were reasonably priced. Still debating that one. After we shopped at Old Navy B and I went to one of my favorite places to eat-- McAlister's deli. It's SO good! He was soooo pleasant, just sat and ate and talked to people the whole time. Quite the opposite of our Sunday experience! After lunch we went to the mall and I let Brayden play in the indoor play area. It kind of grosses me out because it smells like old socks, and most of the kids look like they are from less than hygienic families, so B gets a good dousing of Purell when we leave. But he LOVES it, and loves seeing other kids, so I swallow my hygienic pride and OCD nature to let him play. He was really into practicing his walking today, and was so cute walking from toy to toy.
my hot little lunch date. STEAL. MY. HEART.
hey mom, I'm in here!
kissing the boy in the mirror. I can't resist him either Brayden :)
trying out his walking skills.

When he woke up from his nap, the afternoon was just too pretty, so we decided to make it up to the city pool for opening day. Apparently everyone else thought it was a great day for the pool too, because it was CROWDED. Brayden didn't really know what to do with so many people in the pool-- normally it's just his swim group in a pool at one time, which is about 10 babies and one of their parents. He warmed up to it quickly though, and had loads of fun! The best part was watching him dance to the music at the baby pool. It was SO funny and there were two other parents who were also entertained. Of course, the minute I pulled out the video camera he quit dancing. Trust me-- it was hilarious!
We wrapped up the weekend with another popcicle and yet another walk around the block in the wagon. Tomorrow is my monthly OB appointment. I'm nervous. Not really because I have a reason to be, other than worrying that they will find something wrong, or not be able to find the heartbeat. If you think of it, I'd love if you could send a prayer my way tomorrow morning. I'll post an update tomorrow, and maybe if I am up to it, a belly picture :) Not that there's much to show, but I need to start chronicling to compare pictures from when I was pregnant with B. Hope you have a great week!

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