Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pleased to Announce...

Thank you for all of the prayers today. I felt a peace as I drove to the imaging clinic. The ultrasound went smoothly, and our tech was really good at letting me know that everything looked healthy. Obviously that's not a 100% guarantee, but I left the appointment feeling more at ease for sure. The baby did not disappoint in making it clear what it was either. At first we weren't quite sure, and the tech said she wanted to make for certain, but after a few more twists of the wand, there was no doubt that this little one in my womb is a...
Drew and I are beyond thrilled! I know deep down that we would have been happy with whatever God had given us, but I think if we were both honest we both really wanted a boy. I can't wait to see my two precious boys grow up playing together... I think brothers are so fun to watch! We're pretty sure we're going to name this one Connor Andrew. We're 100% sure on the first name, but only about 90% sure on the middle name. I really like Andrew, as obviously it's from Drew, but also because my dad's middle name is Andre, and I can't think of two greater men whose footsteps I'd want my son to follow than Drew and my Dad. Little baby Connor cooperated so well for the tech, and I finally got a profile shot that I've always wanted. 
Is that not the sweetest profile you've ever seen? I love him so much already and can't wait to meet him! Thank you so much for praying over me... please continue to keep the prayers coming as we journey through this pregnancy.... for continued health for both me and baby, and for a continued sense of peace as we expand our family yet again.

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