Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Fun to Play with Daddy!

Tonight after Drew got home we all went to the backyard to play. For some reason Brayden was in a SUPER giggly mood, which is always fun. Drew was able to get him to laugh SO hard. I got some great shots of him laughing, along with some of him playing in the yard. I even got some great video, but as most of you know, you have to wait about 10 hours for a 1 minute clip to load to you tube, so I might not get that posted until tomorrow. Until then, enjoy these pics of our super giggle boy :) It's nights like these that make all of the hard days worth it!

Sitting in his new big boy chair. And yes, if you're wondering, that's grass on his mouth. And yes, he ate some. And no, I don't really bother with it anymore. At this point, as long as it's not toxic, I just let him eat it. I figure he'll eventually learn that we don't eat grass and sticks. Until them, I just let well enough alone.
Callin' the Hogs... we do this regularly these days!
Gah... I know I say this all the time, but I HATE how fast he's grown up :(
Picking grass and putting it in his bucket. No idea why he did this, but it was cracking us up!
No ideas why this photo is so red. Editing didn't help one bit. This photo, along with the next few, are of B laughing at his daddy, who was throwing a tennis ball at the bucket. For some reason he thought it was HILARIOUS.
I love this kid SO much!

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