Monday, July 12, 2010

Today is Tommorrow's Eve

Today is no ordinary Monday. Or should I say was no ordinary Monday since we're almost through with this day? I ended up going to see my eye doctor (who is also a friend) today to check my eye. While the redness was pretty much gone, it still felt like I had sand in my eye. Not quite the most comfortable feeling. And after a week of feeling uncomfortable, I was ready to get the show on the road. There was good news, that the infection was gone (and I am not contagious anymore), so antibiotics were not needed. The bad news, if you can call it bad news, was that the reason I still felt scratchy and itchy was that I had bumps on my eyeball (similar to hives). She said to take some Claritin and it should help the problem until my allergies stop flaring up. Sure enough, I took some Claritin this afternoon and my eyes have felt normal! To celebrate Brayden and I went to our local outdoor mall, received a surprise visit from Drew before he headed to study group, and topped the evening off with dinner at Mimi's Cafe. It was a good day.

Tonight I sit thinking about tomorrow. It's our big ultrasound day. I am still nervous. I tend to always be nervous at the unknown. I hate change. I like knowing I am in control (which is really ironic since I really am not the one in control to begin with). But tomorrow as I lay on a table with jelly on my belly, we are not in control. We are at the mercy of the creator. It's a truly humbling experience all the way around. If you've never been able to experience an ultrasound, please watch some youtube videos. It's miraculous seeing new life forming right before your eyes. A little human that God created just for Drew and I. To join our family and bring a new element. So yes, I am nervous, but I am also excited. I feel like it will make this pregnancy all the more real. The baby will have an identity (hopefully a name), and we can look forward to November knowing who we will be meeting. I covet your prayers as we find out tomorrow.

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