Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

Yesterday was just an OK day. My OB's office said I am doing everything they would have suggested for all of my symptoms, and to go to a "real" doctor instead of a walk-in clinic. To be quite honest, I really don't want to shell out the dough for a "real" doctor to tell me the same thing my OB told me yesterday. So, I am waiting to see if I get any better. If not, I'll head to the docs office again. It's been an expensive month for medical bills... yuck!

I am going on 6 nights of little to no sleep. I am doing surprisingly well, all things considered. I have noticed that my patience is wearing thin, especially with my child who likes to test EVERY SINGLE LIMIT that we give him.  I feel a tiny, wee bit better this morning. Meaning, my throat does not feel like both sides are caving in. I coughed pretty much all night. Taking drugs during pregnancy makes me nervous, even when they tell me that it's "safe," so I try to only take those at night. We'll see how well I hold up again today.

Brayden had his first taste of dog poo yesterday morning. It all happened in slow motion (all but me sprinting across the backyard to get to him in time... what a sight that was!). It was the first time he's tasted something and spit it out. The problem (besides the fact that he ate poo) was that it was fresh poo, meaning it had squished in his hand. GROSS. I washed his hands thoroughly, and then scrubbed his mouth out. It was the first time I've thought I might puke in correlation to what he's put in his mouth. Yes, the poo beats the roach out on this one.

I had the best chocolate shake from Braum's last night. It soothed my throat, and my stomach, and made the baby do somersaults. The baby will also respond to outside stimuli, like if we push on my stomach, it will kick back. Speaking of "it," I'll be glad when next week we can atleast call the baby a he or she. That's what I love about finding out the sex of the baby... the baby's identity is established long before they ever arrive. We are pretty much settled on a boy name (if it's a boy, we'll reveal that name next week), but cannot for the life of us agree on a girl name. There are a few girls name that we both like, but nothing that we both LOVE, like our boy name.

And that's the end of my random thoughts. I'm off to do a bit of nothing today. I am needing to capture as much rest as I can get. I'm hoping Brayden will cooperate with my laid back plans for today.

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