Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Thoughts

Tomorrow (or should I say today since I am up in the middle of the night with pregnancy/allergy insomnia) is our OB appointment. It was a regularly scheduled appointment, so it's not in direct correlation to what we found at our first ultrasound with Connor, but we are hoping that by seeing the doctor we will at least get some more definitive answers as to what is going on with Connor's kidneys and heart. I thought I would be really nervous, and perhaps that will change as I am driving there today, but I have a peace. I am still concerned (what mother would not be), but I trust my doctor and know that I am in good hands. It helps that Drew will be coming too (he normally does not come to my OB appointments, but this one called for some support!). If we find out anything new, I will definitely fill you in. For now, please continue to pray as we walk blindly on this journey.

Sunday afternoon Brayden said the most beautiful thing to a mother's ears-- 'uv ew'!. Oh my goodness. My heart melted and I swear I had to scoop it up off the pavement in the backyard. I always ask Brayden if he can say what I am saying; most speech therapist will tell you that it's a key to getting your child to grow in their vocabulary. So from the moment Brayden was born I have always told him what we were doing, where we were going, etc. Sunday afternoon we were all in the backyard and I told B that I loved him and asked if he could say I love you. When he responded back, Drew whipped around (he was grilling) and we both just stared at each other. I asked him to say it again and he did! LOVE LOVE LOVE. He is really starting to learn new words so quickly. He learned Poppa (for my Dad, who is Poppa D), bubbles, uh oh, bye bye (and not only does he say bye bye, he goes to the backdoor, opens it up, goes to the car, opens IT up, and sits in the drivers seat. OH MY!). He also has learned to point out his arm, his legs, his feet and his toes, in addition to all of his facial body parts. 

I hit my 500th post the other day and didn't even realize it. I had thought about making it a big deal, but I guess it's too late now. Oh well.

For those of you who know me, I am an avid fan of my Baby Jogger City Mini. LOVE it. I knew I wanted the double, but it's a bit pricey, so we decided we'd get something different. We ended up getting a double Sit and Stand on craigslist and I literally was depressed. The thing is MAMMOTH. Took up the entire Civic trunk space. Both width wise and depth wise. It was ridiculous. I think God heard my heart, and through a strange series of events only the Lord could put together, I have found a way to purchase the double stroller I have wanted from the very beginning... the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. I can't wait to let yall know how it all worked out. I haven't purchased it yet; it's actually on back order from the company I am getting it through, but we aren't in a huge rush to get it so I am OK with that.  

Yesterday while helping Brayden clean his room, I sat down too quickly and landed squarely on the edge of his Little People firestation. And I landed cleanly on my butt. So now I have a bruised lower tailbone that is KILLER painful. I swear I need  a donut pillow. Just laying in bed hurts! I'm pretty sure the entire experience could make MckMama's blog posts "you might be a mother of many small children". 

I feel like I haven't posted a picture of Brayden in forever. Hopefully I can change that this week. Truth is, he's so active, that it wears me out to pull my camera out. He's more interested in all of the buttons than taking pictures. And trying to get down on his level is starting to get a lot more difficult with a basketball on my stomach :) 

It's now 2:30, which means I should probably try to resume sleeping. Between my constant allergy attacks, getting up to pee 2,323 times a night (ok, it's not that many really, but it seems like I wake up every 30 minutes for just a trickle since Connor likes snuggling up to my bladder these days), and my churning mind, I seem to wake up every night/morning at 2am. Which scares me because my sleeping patterns when I was pregnant with B turned out to be his schedule. I guess I should just get used to it. Love to all my readers... And sweet dreams to those who still hold the ability to sleep :)

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