Friday, July 9, 2010

15 months, Going on 30 years


Today marks the Little Mister's 15 month birthday! I am pretty sure he already thinks he's going on 30, and to be quite honest, but boy's as sharp as a tack so sometimes I wonder if he truly is only 15 months old! In the past month I think I've watched him grow more developmentally in this short time span that any other since he's been born. Here's what he's up to at 15 months:
  • He's gone from wobbly walking, to all out "running" if he knows we're after him. It's cute if we're just playing, but when I really want him to come here, it can get rather annoying. 
  • He can reach the door knobs (actually they are levers) and open all the doors. My once brilliant idea of keeping the bathrooms closed to keep him out of the toilet paper and toilet are now useless. LOVELY.
  • He is a human billy goat. The only thing I've seen him remotely spit out was dog poo. I literally have to scoop out dead flies, pieces of magazines, bits of old kleenex (he rummages through the trash can) and shreds of books out of his mouth atleast once an hour. 
  • He is still eating like a champ. Generally for breakfast he'll eat a whole banana plus some other type of fruit (perhaps 1/4c. blueberries or some grapes) and a waffle, or a whole bowl of oatmeal and a 1/4c. blueberries. For lunch he usually eats an entire sandwich (peanut butter or grilled cheese), a thing of yogurt, and some fruit. For dinner I try to feed him what we're eating, but sometimes that doesn't go over very well, so generally he'll eat some type of meat, veggie and carb. 
  • He learned signs over the past month. He knew a few before this past month, but he's really blossomed. So far he knows hat, all done, eat, and please. We're working on more. He knows how to do it, but I think it's hard for him to put his fingers together to actually do the sign. He's really good at using signs if I ask him to (instead of fussing... which is SO nice!). 
  • His words have pretty much stayed the same as last month. He does now say "whoa" and sometimes he'll say "dude".
  • He loves Skype. Now whenever I say "Gigi" (my mom), he'll put his hand up to his ear like a phone, and then run to the computer and say "dis dis" because he wants to talk to her on skype. Ofcourse once we call her he only lasts for about 5 minutes, but it's so cute!
  • He does what we call crazy eyes. It's HILARIOUS. 
  • He can point out his ears, hair, mouth, tongue, toes, nose, and eyes. 
Brayden, I can't believe how grown up you're getting. Every day you amaze me with the way you soak up new things. Your love for life and adventure make me smile, and I love that you're a people person. I love you so much and am so proud to be able to be called your Momma!


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