Monday, July 19, 2010

A Few Random Thoughts

Today was a hard day. Not because of any of the stuff with Connor, but just with B. He is such a finnicky child; if he is off his schedule even more than 15 minutes, the next day is HAVOC. He pretty much just whined all day, only took 30 minute naps, threw food everywhere, ate dog food, hit me several times... needless to say my patience was worn thin by this afternoon and I definitely lost my cool several times. To say that I am ready for our getaway to Dallas is an understatement.

Since B didn't want to sleep, I decided to run errands this afternoon. I stopped by one of our local Christian book stores to pick up B's card. They only had 6 in stock so I bought all 6. The ladies at the counter were ooing and ahhhing over how cute the card is, and I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. I said "thanks! I took that pic!" They were all so surprised, and then wanted to google over Brayden and flirt with him. Unfortunately at that point B was having an ultimate breakdown.... I was like "he's a lot cuter on the card than in real life right now!" haha.

When I got in the car and read the card, I kind of sighed. I find it of no coincidence that the inside of the card has Luke 1:37 (from the CEV) that says:
"Nothing is impossible for God."
The words in the card read "Oh yeah? Well my God's bigger than ANYTHING! Praying with you." 
Do you think God was trying to say something to me today? It was as if God used a picture I took almost a year ago, used my first son to speak a bit of peace about my second son. God's so good like that. I definitely hear him through the little things in life like that. Thank you Jesus for reminding me yet again that you are bigger than a medical diagnosis!

On other news that's a lot more shallow, I just have to mention the HORRID heat that we have going on here right now. Literally, the actual temp is mid-90s, but with the humidity, our heat indexes are reaching close to 110. I thought to myself today "it's quite possibly as hot as hell right now." Literally yall, I felt like the wheels of my stroller might melt off just walking from my car to the store. That's how bad it feels. And I know I am probably being a bit of a drama queen, but seriously, I feel like every day I could walk outside and reenact the wicked witch scene in the Wizard of Oz (you know, the one where she screams "I'm melting, I'm melting!").

As I type this I am watching the Bachelorette. Drew has study group on Mondays and so this is the only thing that is on usually. I hate getting sucked into this show. But seriously I just have to say. Frank the Tank... you are quite possibly the biggest. TERD. EVER. And that's putting it nicely. I just really hope she picks Roberto and that they live happily ever after, laughing at the tabloids of how Frank's ex dumped him two weeks into his "I think I am in love with my ex" love affair. Ughh. 

Thanks for all of the sweet comments and emails regarding Connor. Drew and I feel so blessed to know so many people are praying (if you aren't caught up on what's going on, you might want to click HERE) and supporting us right now. 

I'm pretty sure I need to go and clean the dishes from dinner. Hope yall had a better Monday than I did... and here's to hoping that B wakes up in a fabulous mood in the morning!

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