Monday, July 26, 2010

A House Full of Blue

This weekend, every time we were out and someone asked what I was having, they always seemed disappointed that it was another boy. I'm not talking about people that we're close to or our family (and honestly, even some of them I think were a little disappointed that our home wouldn't sport some pink baby stuff), I am talking about complete strangers. Why is it that everyone thinks that if you have one you need the other? Why can't people be excited about the reality that our home will be a house filled with blue? I love the fact that I have cars and trucks scattered across my living room floor. The fact that I'll drive a minivan (someday) filled with stinky football pads and sweaty little boys who are mud stained and toothless makes me so happy inside. I love the fact that I have to say "vroom vroom" when we pass EVERY car, truck and trailer on the road. I love having little football jerseys hanging in the closets, mini soccer balls in my kitchen, baseballs in my couch cushions, and yes, even the dents on my once beautiful coffee table that were pounded by a make-shift sword-- I love that too. Boys are fun. They are rough. They are rowdy. They are full of energy and life. I LOVE having a son.
I literally have dreamed my whole life of having 4 boys (now that I have kids, not sure that the number I dreamed of will stand though... LOL!). It is no secret that I am a tomboy and I tend to lean more towards sports and news than dance and tutus. I love teaching my son to say "touchdown", "goal" and "score." So all of you people who keep frowning when I tell you that there's a little boy blue growing in me, you'll just need to get over it. Because I for one, couldn't be happier living in a house full of blue.

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