Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sick and Pregnancy Don't Mix.

I should probably clarify that after this afternoon, I am still dealing with ruffled feathers... so to speak anyways. If you read my Weekend in Review post, you'll know that I've been feeling a bit under the weather. And as my friend Laura pointed out, being sick and being pregnant at the same time should be illegal. I concur Laura, I concur. So let me tell you how today went down.

Brayden woke up with yet again, more green discharge in his eye. Drew had noticed the discharge coming back Sunday evening, and we've been monitoring it to see if it was indeed the infection creeping back. So this morning I put a call into the pediatrician's office to let them know what's going on. I mean, the kid's still on oral antibiotic, so this must be one heck of an infection. I was up in the middle of the night last night and early this morning because my throat is literally so sore that it feel swollen. SO I called the Mayo clinic hotline with our insurance to see what I should do. They recommended I see a doctor within the next 24 hours to make sure I didn't have a sinus infection or worse, strep throat. The pediatrician called back and said Brayden would need antibiotic DROPS in addition to his oral medication, so I decided to make a trip to Walmart and kill all the birds with one stone by stopping by the walk in clinic, picking up the prescription and getting a few things that we needed from Walmart. Can I just say, that on days you want your child to behave nicely, they rarely do, and this afternoon was no exception. Brayden wanted nothing to do with sitting in the buggy. I thought perhaps some McD's fries and an icee would help the situation. It made it worse. So while I was waiting for the nurse to call me back, I was dealing with my super fussy child. I had to apologize to the employees and the other patients there because I felt so bad that he was making such a ruckus. I finally got called back and thought it would go better. It didn't.

We got into the exam room and he literally started going crazy. Pulling on things, eating his goldfish off of the floor (EWWW GROSS! I had a blood pressure cuff on so I was unable to get it before he ate it)... you get the picture. The nurse came in, and I apologized before hand for having my child with me... she said NOTHING. It was SO awkward. You know those times where you KNOW the person is just not a kid person... she was that person. GREAT. So while she asks me all of my symptoms I chase Brayden around, pick him up after he falls off the chair... horrid I tell you. The lady starts doing the exam, and thankfully Brayden was intrigued by everything she was doing so sat still for the 3 minutes it took her to do everything. She ran a strep swab... thought I was going to puke all over her (my gag reflex is STRONG right now, what did she expect?!). Strep test came back negative. So then she says "you might just want to follow up with your OB." That's it. That's what I paid for. For her to tell me to call my OB. OH. MY. WORD. At this point Brayden is going CRAZY in the exam room, so I swoop him up, and ask if she thinks maybe I might have a sinus infection. I mean, my head is POUNDING, I have the sorest throat EVER... please just think of something else. She looks at my throat again, and says, "well, pregnant women kind of freak me out. The CDC doesn't really recommend prescriptions unless you've been sick for more than 10 days. So call your OB after 10 days." I just stood there. She started working on paper work so I asked, "Are we finished?" She says... "yep." Then she has the gall to say "boy, your sure have your hands full." At that point, I was pretty sure I wanted to slap the lady across the face. I just wasted an hour of my time, stressing myself out with my toddler, all for you to tell me to call my OB. The nurse on our nurse hotline was more helpful than this woman. Can't wait to get that bill... thanks for nothing walk-in clinic!

I head over to the pharmacy with my out of control child. Buy his $70 eye drops and wait for the pharmacist to give us our consultation. She looks at the Rx, and says, just pull his eyelids apart and put 2 drops in 3 times a day. Perhaps it was because my nerves were a bit frazzled at this point, but I wanted to yell... "LADY, He's 15 freaking months old! Do you realize what you just asked me to do????!" I swear, sometimes doctors tell you to do things without really thinking about what they just said. The least she could've done is said, it might be hard, but this is what you should TRY to do. Ughh. I grabbed the Rx, ran through Walmart frantically getting the rest of the things on my list before Brayden had an ultimate breakdown, and went home.

To top everything off I had to clean our kitchen from top to bottom because we're dealing with bionic ants of 2010 in our house. Seriously, they are EVERYWHERE. We've sprayed, we have traps, we've cleaned out the pantry, under the fridge, in the microwave, around the dog food and high chair, and THEY STILL COME IN DROVES. It's driving us BATTY. So after I dealt with the terminator toddler (I did get drops in his eyes without a lot of fight which I was SO thankful for), I cleaned the kitchen and fumed about my aching throat, my pounding head, and the beauty of being sick and pregnant. Here's to hoping my symptoms magically disappear, because apparently, that's all that anyone can do for me at this point.

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