Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Day of School

Today was Brayden's first day of Mother's Day Out. I was a bit apprehensive about how he would do when I dropped him off, since he's had a bit of separation anxiety since Connor's arrival. He clung to my leg for .2 seconds-- once he saw they had a big ball there, he was good to go! I was rather impressed with the finger scanning technology the church had in place for check in and check out-- no need to worry about B being taken from that building! ha! Brayden did so well, and he even threw a fit when it was time to leave. Here's a pic of the big boy ready for school this morning!


Unfortunately one of the side effects of school is a shorter nap. They said he slept for an hour there, but when we got home he was SO cranky, so I put him down for another hour or so. Even still, everything this afternoon was a meltdown. It was ridiculous. By dinnertime I think I had lost my mind because I started laughing about the entire situation, and just started taking pictures of him. Brayden, when you're 20 and reading this with your girlfriend, I hope that you know I will pray every day that you are alive that your future son will throw fits as well as you did. And for the record... I didn't cave in... no peas, no more meatball. haha!


And because I can't end this post without a picture of the little guy, who also did fabulous being dragged around town today with his momma:


PS-- we got B's haircut last night. I wish I had had my camera because he climbed into the chair and sat still for the ENTIRE thing. I (along with my friend/hairdresser David) were amazed at how well he did. If only I could get him to sit that still at home!

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