Monday, January 10, 2011

Things I Find Myself Saying Lately...

  • No, we don't wash our hotwheels in the dog's water.
  • Brayden, please don't throw the basketball at your brother. He doesn't know how to catch yet.
  • That's so sweet of you to share your blankie with Connor, but let's take it off of his face.
  • Please, for the love of all things holy, use your indoor voice!
  • No, that's Connor's paci.
  • Do not stand on the couch! That's how you busted your lip last time!
  • No, we don't need to look at my belly button right now. 
  • Do not run over Toby with your train!
  • Take the green beans out of your nose.
  • B, we don't lick the syrup off of our plates.
  • Do NOT throw your food!
  • Let's not eat our boogers.
  • Do what? you went poo poo in your diaper? Go tell Daddy you have a present for him ;o)
  • Thank you for helping with Connor, but I really don't think he wants his face wipes right now.
  • Please do not scrape the rake on the wall. 
  • Sit STILL! I'm trying to change your diaper!
  • Gosh, we REALLY need to potty train you.... no, not a choo-choo train, potty train. Different kind of train buddy.
  • Ughhh... I just got throw up on.... AGAIN.

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