Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Melted Mommy Heart

Yesterday, thankfully, was yesterday. I woke up this morning glad that God gives us a clean slate and has new mercies every morning. Both boys woke up in a great mood. I woke up and got ready early since we had a MOPS mom's morning out this morning. As soon as I finished breakfast B woke up, so I fed him, and as soon as I fed him I got Connor up. Brayden was compliant and sweet this morning, reciting his verses with me and praying for all of our family members. Connor woke up all smiley, and just laid in his crib staring at me so happy that I was there to get him. I love mornings like today, when I can enjoy some of the joyful moments of parenthood without being burdened by the hard parts.

We headed to MOPS moms morning out, dropped off Brayden and then headed to the coffee shop for some fun mom time. It's so refreshing to sit and talk with other moms, to bounce questions off of them, and laugh about those moments that only another mom can laugh at. I picked up B at noon, headed home for lunch and put both boys down for a nap. After naptime we headed to Target to pick up some diapers. Did you know you can combine Target coupons with manufacturer coupons? This means you can get killer deals on Huggies. Brayden has never been able to wear Huggies but thankfully Connor fits both Huggies and Pampers well, so I am able to cash in on the coupon madness. I saved $11 in coupons today, in addition to the $5 giftcard I got for buying 3 packs of diapers... SCORE. What makes it even better is that I bought all the diapers with store credit we had, so nothing was out of pocket. DOUBLE SCORE. We came home and started getting ready for dinner. I took a break to turn on pandora. I am IN LOVE with my Jack Johnson station. SO good. Anyways, when I turned it on, B started dancing, so I started dancing. He immediately smiled the biggest smile, ran to my legs and said "I wanna dance." So I picked him up and we swirled around the living room floor dancing to Jack Johnson. A few minutes into dancing he leaned over and gave me the sweetest kiss. My mommy heart melted into a big puddle right there. It was one of those moments that I know will be burned into my memory for eternity. Sometimes during days like yesterday, I feel so bogged down by the weight of responsibility I have in raising these two souls God has given me. But moments like this afternoon... well, they make days like yesterday totally worth it.

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