Monday, January 31, 2011

Gettin' Smart. Or Something Like That.

Have you ever come across people's blogs and you have a sudden horrid realization that you have a two year old that has not really done that many crafts? Oh wait. That's me. Coming across all of YOUR blogs that make me feel as though my kid is going to be riding the short bus to Kindergarten.

Yes, I'll admit. When it comes to learning activities, my patience wears thin before we even get set up. Which is why I doubt my abilities to even entertain the idea of homeschooling, despite the fact that both Drew and I are products of said schooling method. But that's another post in and of itself. For another day for sure. Back to learning activities. Brayden has shown interest in sitting at the table for SMALL spurts of time. This was most recently evidenced during our positive experiment with playdough. Since I want Brayden to learn to sit still a little better, I decided to dig into the recesses of my brain and think of another way to help him with his patience. And to help him learn, ofcourse. I thought about how much he LOVES to help in the kitchen, especially when it comes to pouring into the mixer. SO, I went to walmart and got the following:
  • two shoebox sized rubbermaid containers: $1 each.
  • two bags of pinto beans: $1.50 each.
  • set of measuring cups and spoons: $1 total.
If you're good at math, then you can see that I spent $6. Basically I poured the beans in one of the containers, set it out on the table, and let him scoop and pour.

(I have no idea what his obsession is with sticking out his tongue lately. Crazy kid!)

And you know what? He sat there for 15 minutes. It was like a world record. Or something. Between this and playdough, we may be able to start rolling out more exciting activities. I have found a really good site that gives great ideas. It's called No Time for Flash Cards. I think a friend of mine shared the link a while back. I can't remember, because it's been saved in my favorites for a while. Anyways, the author of the site has different categories of activities based on age. It's a pretty neat site.  Check it out if you want your kid to get smart. Or atleast sit still so you can enjoy your morning cup o' Joe. haha!
And just in case you're wondering... here's what Connor did during his "learning" activity: he loves the star on his Baby Einstein playmat!


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