Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend in Review

There's not much to report on the weekend... we mainly stayed at home. Saturday B had swim lessons again. He was beyond excited. He had been saying "swim swim" all week, and practicing reaching and pulling in the air and in the bathtub. Silly boy. Drew did lessons with him this time, so I stayed up in the observation room with Connor man and watched. One of the other onlookers remarked to me how close in age my children are. To which I softly chuckled and said, it wasn't planned that way. Then she told her that her two boys are 2.5 years apart, and how she thought it was easier if kids were either closer in age or farther apart in age than what hers were. It was the first time I had heard that from someone with kids that age distance, and was such a breath of fresh air. I love hearing from other moms about their opinions with child spacing, and while I get a slew of different answers, one thing is common among what they tell me-- I will not regret having my children so close in age. And while my days are long and hard right now, I have no doubt they are right.

After swim class we headed to Sam's for our weekly family date. Brayden again ate 2 pieces of pizza, and Drew and I laughed at how once Connor is old enough to eat pizza that we'll have to preorder an entire pizza. If we keep having boy babies we might have to preorder SEVERAL pizzas. Lord help our food budget in 13 years! haha! In addition to the pizza B ate every sample that they were offering (1/4 a sandwich, two yogurts, a cheese stick, and some angel food cake). We got home just in time for naptime and all enjoyed Saturday afternoon naps. The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home with the fam.

I was so thankful this morning, because for the first time in 9 weeks I got 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep. It was GLORIOUS. I actually woke up on my own accord, started the crockpot, took a shower, dried my hair, and Connor was STILL sleeping. B woke up at 7am like normal, I got him fed, I ate breakfast, and as soon as my last bite was finished Connor woke up. At 7:30am. Thank you Jesus (and Connor!). I'm praying that it wasn't a fluke and I'll get the same type of night tonight, but I am not holding my breath.

Today (Sunday) was our first day serving in infants again. Can I just say that getting all 4 of us ready and in the car for church takes an act of God? It's almost laughable, because by the time we all get in the car Drew and I just sit and stare at each other and laugh. Goodness.We got to church and split up to check the boys in. I had a family already waiting on me at the class we are scheduled to serve in, so I brought Connor with me and figured I'd just check him in once Drew came. Well, Drew never came... he got sucked into Brayden's classroom. I ended up being transferred over there, so we got to do 2 year olds. Can I just say, 2 year olds are MUCH harder to take care of than 6 month olds (as if you didn't already know that?!). And I finally decided my son is just one of a kind. In a good (and not so good way). He literally is the only one in the class that has a hard time sitting down. For moms out there who read this blog: is this something I need to work on, or is this just his personality? I don't want to put Brayden in a box, but at the same time, he needs to learn and understand that sometimes we have to sit still and listen to instructions. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

This evening Brayden and I ran to Walmart to pick up a few things, one of which as "the New Strong Willed Child" book by James Dobson. It's on my list to read, after I finish "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman. In the most ironic fashion, Brayden took the book this evening, and after Drew told him to give it back to him, he looked at Drew, glanced at me, and threw the book at Drew (who was also holding Connor). The book slammed into the side of Connor's face, and Drew and I both shot up from our seats about to kill Brayden. Poor Connor landed face down on the couch, so I am not sure what scared him more-- a book slamming into his face or falling. Poor dear. Brayden knew he was wrong the minute he did it, and immediately started running from Drew, covering his bottom (he knew what was coming!). Connor survived, and yet again shows us how resilient he is going to be (he only gave us a sad, I'm upset cry for literally a minute before calming down). I'm hoping to start reading the book soon... clearly I need to! ha!

We have a pretty busy week ahead of us, which in some ways I am kind of grateful for... Brayden thrives with having things to do, and in some ways it makes the days a bit easier on me. I'll end this post with a few pictures I took over the weekend. Hope yall have a great week!

Brayden found my sunglasses
this picture makes me smile... all of the boys that I love the most in the world... all snuggly on the couch together!
This picture makes me laugh... Brayden is a hoot, and Connor, well, poor Connor. The camera doesn't show him much mercy in the double chin department :) I love my chunky monkey though, and wouldn't have him any other way!
I think Connor is a mama's boy. He doesn't smile or coo for hardly any one but me. I love sitting with him before and after nursing sessions and just talking with him. He just smiles and talks it up with me and is so sweet. I know this picture is not the most flattering of him, but his dimple just gets me every time. And ofcourse, the hair... do I even need to say it? It's awesome.
this is one of my favorite outfits of his... I'm going to be so sad when he outgrows it! (which won't be long).

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