Saturday, January 8, 2011

Things I Don't Want to Forget

There are several things that have happened recently that I want to remember. There are no pictures document these occurrences, but they are written on my mommy heart to always remember.

Aspirations: The other day I was picking up laundry in Brayden's room. I didn't notice that he had taken the aspirator out of his basket on his dresser and brought it to the living room. I also didn't think about Connor, who was alone peacefully in the swing. Suddenly, I hear Connor start to gag, choke and then scream cry. Considering he's a pretty happy baby and rarely cries, this was my mommy red flag. I immediately bolt to the living room screaming "What are you doing to him????!!!!" And see Brayden throw the aspirator down on the ground with this "oh crap, I'm caught" face. He had shoved the aspirator either in Connor's mouth or nose to help him get his boogers. Poor little Connor was beyond traumatized, as was I. And poor Brayden. He truly means well, but he's just too young to understand what will hurt his brother and what will help.

In the car: Brayden now sings in the car. I say sings loosely, because I have no idea what he is actually singing, other than the fact that it is to a tune, and he does so loudly. He also knows when we are getting close to the house, by loudly exlaiming "We Ome (We're home!). It's beyond precious. He also plays this little piggy with himself in the car, and at the end says "we we we we, ome!" and then laughs.

Holding: Whenever Brayden sees Connor after a nap or when he wakes up in the morning, he always says "Hi!" in his really high pitched voice, and then says to me "I unna old" (I want to hold). Then, while holding Connor, he puts his face right against Connor's and talks really gently to him. It's the sweetest thing ever.

Rolls, Coos and Smiles: Connor's been able to roll from his tummy to back now for about 3 weeks. He likes to roll so much that it's hard for me to do tummy time with him anymore because he just rolls right over. He's also started smiling intentionally, which is SO fun, and I've even heard a few coos out of him when he is playing on his play mat.

He's Home: Basically since he could walk, Brayden has met Drew at the door when he gets home from work. It used to be a little toddle, but now he is all out running to the door as soon as he hears the garage door opening. Earlier this week, Brayden ran to the door, opened it and stood there. He smiled as he saw Drew enter the garage, and then said to him "Hello!" Too funny!

Prayers: I have to admit, we've not been as consistent as I'd like to be with praying with Brayden. We've started trying to pray with him at dinner, and allow him to pray for whoever he'd like. Usually he clasps his hands together and says "Papa" (my dad) and "Wawa" (my sister). Several times though, after he's finished praying, he'll put his hands back together and says "Mama." And then smile at me. It feels good to feel loved after all of that disciplining that seems to consume my days!

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