Wednesday, October 19, 2011

11 Months Old.

Excuse me as I try to contain the sadness... baby boy turns 11 months old today. What the what?!?!

This past year has been a BLURRRRRR. I seriously feel as though I was just pregnant with him. Obviously I am very thankful I am not STILL pregnant with him... good gracious could you imagine my waistband if that was the case?! I'm not even sure I would be able to stand straight up-- ha! The boy IS big, although I'm not quite sure his exact stats. He goes to the doc next month for a well check so we'll know then how he's measuring up. But if a picture is proof, I'd say he's in the 100th percentile of cuteness, wouldn't you?


So Connor, what are you up to at 11 months old?
  • You wake up AWFULLY early lately. Like 5:30 early. I THINK it's because you poop around that time, and you think that since you've pooped that the day has started. There have been several days in the past week that we've gotten up as late as 6:30, so I am hoping we are undoing some of this waking up early stuff. Momma can't handle it very well!
  • You still take 2 naps a day. About 1.5 hours each, but sometimes a little more. 
  • You eat all table food now. You've eaten pretty much anything I've put in front of you, so I'm not sure you'll be super picky. Time will tell :) 
  • You have 7 teeth, with one more ALMOST through the gums.... They all came in at once... ha!
  • You wear 18 month clothing, although you are in some 24 months and even some 2T stuff... craziness! Not sure what shoe size you are because I refuse to put you in shoes until you actually need them (for walking). You wear a 12-18 month Robeez, and it's almost too small, so if I had to guess, you have a pretty big foot for a lad your age!
  • You still don't talk. You jibber jabber some, but it's not to a specific person. I'm trying not to be worried about this, since Brayden was saying SEVERAL words by this point. To each his own time I suppose.
  • You are CRUISING on all fours now. You can get to anything in a hurry, which is hard for me because it means I have to be SUPER fast at everything I do or I now have TWO boys into things.
  • You FINALLY pulled up onto the furniture, although you are still not very comfortable with it. You'd much rather pull up to your knees and keep steady than teeter on two legs. I think you might be my cautious observant child :)
  • You love Brayden. He can make you laugh more than anyone. But you also get annoyed with him super easy. I've learned that sometimes you whine just to get him in trouble. IT HAS STARTED.

  • You have an affinity for the shape sorter, toy cars and blocks. I think you have a strength in the fine motor development.

  • You've started complaining about the car seat and the stroller. Not really sure why, but you arch your back and let me know it's not your fave thing in the world. Hoping it's just a phase, as I plan to keep you rear facing quite a bit longer than 1 year :/

  • you love to be outside, and will sit at the back window looking longingly at the backyard. I think you try to pull the sympathy card on me already. Have mercy!

  • _MG_4482

    Connor, I am so glad that God made you my son! Thank you for blessing my life and making every day richer. I loves you bunches and pray that you will become a strong man of God, rich in integrity and respectable in all you do. Happy 11 month birthday son! Enjoy your last month before you're 1 :)

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