Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playing in the Backyard.

With the weather as nice as it's been, we've spent a good deal of time playing in our backyard. Now that Connor can crawl on all fours, he's thoroughly enjoying his new surroundings :) Of course, he's not really sure about the dirt clobs that his brother tries to feed him. ha!

notice the dirt on his chin... that's from the massive clump of mud I found him with. When I asked Brayden about it he said "I feed the dirt to Tonden." Awesome.

Brayden thinks it's funny to play hide and seek in the tunnel of his playset... I know that sometimes I bemoan the hard days. And granted, they are HARD. But there are times, like this one, where he just completely steals my heart, and gives me hope that there will be many more days in the future that are just as sweet as sugar.

such a monkey (he even says "I like a monkey" when he hangs like this.)
a little bit of a forced smile (and I am pretty sure this is an unedited picture).
another unedited one, but this was too cute not to post-- I still love my furbaby!
those hazel eyes get me every time (so do his daddy's)
clearly you can tell I was concerned about the fact that my baby had mud on his face. It was still there 20 minutes after he had eaten it... ha!
he thought it was hilarious playing hide and seek with me in the playset. Perhaps I've found a new way to get him to smile for the camera :)
he keeps me on my toes :)
I wonder what he's thinking?

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