Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brayden at 2.5 years old

There are days where I feel like I've been a parent FOREVER. Not in the fact that I know everything, but it just seems like the days drag on and on and on. If you're a mom you'll completely understand. And then, there are days, where I swear I blinked my eyes and Brayden went from this:
to this:

Despite the hard days (and there are plenty to go around), Brayden has my heart completely. I love how his little mind works, and love watching him grow in understanding of the world around him. I thought it'd be fun to document some of the fun things about Brayden right now that I don't want to forget.
  • He loves all things sports. He reminds me a lot of myself, always wanting to throw a ball, pretending to score touchdowns (for Arkansas ofcourse), playing basketball... you name it, he does it.
  • He knows the Razorback fight song and the Hog call. If we're in a store and we see anything with Hogs on it, he will break out in a WOOO PIG SOOIE and a fight song. A lady stopped us at Target to tell me that it was the cutest thing she's ever heard. haha!
  • Ever since Brayden was little I have sung "You Are My Sunshine" to him. Now he sings it on his own, and will even sometimes come up to me and say (in a serious voice) "momma please don't take my sunshine away." 
  • He has picked up certain sayings and terms of endearment from Drew and I that we never really taught him. It's hilarious hearing him say "here you go babe" to me or Drew. He's also obsessed with asking "did you have a good day?" If someone walks in the door-- even if you've only been out to get the mail- Brayden will ask if you've had a good day. I guess he picked it up from me asking Drew that when he gets home from work. 
  • He also picks up certain sayings I say, particularly, "NO WAY" and "No maam" or "No sir". If I say, Brayden are you ready for a bath, a lot of the time he'll reply 'no way!" or "no maam" (not in a respectful tone but in a "don't do that" tone-- if that makes sense). 
  • If Connor is ever fussy or upset, Brayden will usually go up to him and pat him on the back and say "It's otay Tonden. It's otay." If we're in the car and this happens B will say "It's otay Tonden, we almost home." 
  • In the mornings while I get Brayden's breakfast ready, he's started saying "momma, you pretty." and pats my leg. Oh how that makes my heart melt. 
  • I try to tell Brayden that he's special atleast 3 times a day. I think it really helps with a child's self confidence. Anyways, now when I say, hey Brayden, guess what?! I love you. He'll smile and say "yeah, and I special too!"
  • Brayden's favorite food is probably yogurt. He'd eat it all day long if I let him. Well, that and pizza at Sam's :)
  • Brayden is still my super social child, and will make friends with anyone he comes around. He absolutely LOVES "school" (mother's day out), and asks to go just about every day.
  • I'm starting to think that Brayden is going to be like me, very black and white on issues. If you ask him a question, he states the answer, very matter of factly. And if you try to be goofy in your answer, he kind of looks at you like you're stupid and shakes his head when answering the correct answer... like, "duh mom!" It makes me laugh. 
  • If Brayden gets in his play car, he'll yell "bye momma!" If I ask him where he's going he'll either reply "I going to Target to get poptorn" or "I go to Sam's and eat pizza." Clearly we have instilled a retail/eating obsession at an early age. OOPS.
  • He wants to do EVERYTHING himself. "My do it," is a common saying 'round these parts. While it is definitely cute and endearing, it's also a slight bit annoying if we're in a hurry to be somewhere. I'm trying to rein myself in and realize that if we're 5 minutes late because he had to buckle himself in it's not the end of the world. 
  • If I call out his name in the house, he's started yelling back "I right here in [insert where he's at]". It kind of took me by surprise when he first did it. Now I just chuckle, because he'll even do it if I ask him something and he's right behind me. 
  •  He prays every night before he goes to bed. I think one night I might have mentioned that my brother's name was Jeffrey (we've always called him Jeff to Brayden). So now, B prays for Uncle Jeff and Uncle Jeffrey... he thinks they are 2 separate Uncles. Oh so funny! 
Oh Brayden Thomas... how you've stolen my heart from the day you were born. You are the sandpaper in my life to rub off my rough edges. And somedays, it hurts. But I know in the end we'll both come out more refined :) I love your little personality-- your spark and desire to live life to the fullest is so contagious and reminds me to stop and smell the roses and make everything that we experience be the best experience it could possibly be. Thank you for reminding me to smile and laugh. I love you so much I could squish you, and am so proud and honored to call you my son.


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