Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Last night as I was preparing Brayden's nighttime cup of water (which is a new thing by the way), he exclaimed "Woot! A froddy!" I kind of brushed his exclaimation aside, but he kept saying it so I went to the back window to see what he was so excited about. Sure enough, hanging out on our back patio was indeed our resident frog*.

*Ever since we moved into our home nearly 7 years ago, we've had a resident toad that resides on our back porch or garden. I am sure that the toad is probably not the same one year in and year out, but for some strange reason we continue to attract their offspring each summer.

Ofcourse, I couldn't just let Brayden stand at the window and stare at the frog. No, I threw logic out of the window and went into the misty night with my boy to let him hold the frog. He was so excited and just sat there staring at him for several minutes. Then he tried to run into the soaking wet grass, so I decided it was time to let the "froddy" go. By the way, I asked B what the frogs name was and he said "froddy." No idea why, but that really tickled my funny bone :) Love this boy!


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