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A Dollop of Profiles.

OK yall. I'm so happy to post my FIRST profile for my new series, A Dollop of Profiles. This is where I get to spotlight one of YOU my readers. These will be posted weekly, and be archived on their own page! So without further ado, I give you the very first profile, Laura from Casa del Hansen!
Your name: Laura

Your blog’s name and URL :
I hang out at the Casa del Hansen (

Casa del Hansen

Is there a special meaning behind the name of your blog:

As I'm sure many of you know, "Casa del Hansen" = House of Hansen. In Spanish, Italian, Portuguese... all those beautiful, Latinate languages. (We're word lovers!).

In nearly nine years of being a couple and over five (! how did that happen) years of marriage, Loren and I have been busy working hard to build our lives together. We've seen a lot and grown up a lot over the years (at least I hope so!), and we're looking forward to many more wonderful years. My intent is to keep a record of what goes on in the little corner of the world that Loren and I call home - we may change abodes, but wherever we are and whatever we are doing is our "casa."

When and why did you start blogging?

I got married, moved, and started grad school in the course of a month of each other, and I started my blog as a way to record it all. It's changed names, acted as the host to some homework assignments I had for a while (I had a class where I was required to blog one semester), but in general lacked direction for a few years. About a year ago, however, I started reading some other great blogs (including this one!) and was inspired to try again. I started by trying a challenge where I had a prompt every day for six weeks, and loved it! At the end of the six weeks, I couldn't imagine what I did before I blogged, and I've been blogging ever since.

The guests at your fantasy dinner party would be...

a bit of a random assortment. I'd keep it small because I'd want to get to know all of them:

Colin Firth - because he's Colin Firth and I wish I could hang out with him on a regular basis!

Neil Patrick Harris - because I know he'd make us all laugh and hopefully he'd sign for us (he'd be welcome to bring his twins, too - they're adorable)

Reese Witherspoon - because she's gorgeous and sometimes I wish I was her

If you could be or do anything else - what would you be/do?

Before I met Loren, my lifelong dream was to be a "cat lady" journalist living somewhere on the outskirts of Paris and traveling all over Europe to find awesome stories to tell. That life seemed utterly romantic to me. Then I met and fell in love with an amazing man. WhenI think about it now, I realize that for the most part, I would've been insanely lonely and sad to only have the cats for company. But the living in France part would be pretty awesome, don't you think?

If you could live in any other time period, when might that be?

Oooooh, this is a tough one! Is it sad that this is a question I think about often?

I have two answers:

Mid-18th Century - I can't decide if I'd want to be a belle - in the US or England - or be a frontier pioneer. The belle is for no other reason than I would love love love to be able to wear a hoop skirt on a regular basis. But I was obsessed with the Little House books when I was little, so being a pioneer sounds like it would be really cool, too (a lot of work, though).

Regency England - I'm a period drama aficionado, and I love to imagine myself in one! I mean, who could resist country dances and attending "The Season" in London?

Do you prefer books or movies?

Books! I love being able to curl up and imagine a world in my own head. It's funny that I don't even have to think on this one: I love movies, too, but every time I see one that I really like my first thought is wondering whether it was based on a book, and if so, that I want to read it.

A book I've read recently that I enjoyed was...
 "The Good Daughters" by Joyce Maynard. I confess that I read it mainly because I was going on a trip and just found something quick to download on my (beloved) Nook, but I was pleasantly surprised. Basically, it's about the lives of two women who were born on the same day in the same hospital - their mothers called them "birthday sisters." Despite having completely different family backgrounds, their lives kept intersecting at random times and places. It was fascinating to read, watch, and wonder about how much of what happened to them depended on their circumstances or who they innately were as people.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People who refuse to blow their nose and just sit there and sniffle really loud and gargly-like for hours on end. I know that sometimes you can't help it, and I am okay with that, but it's the ones who refuse a tissues

A phrase to sum you up:

I asked Loren for help with this, because I'm not the greatest at it. He says, "You're amazing and it would take much more than a phrase or a sentence to sum you up. A paragraph would barely be enough." Isn't he sweet? I'll leave it at that.
Thanks for participating Laura! If you're interested in being "profiled", just send me an email or leave a comment with your email address, and I can send you all of the information!

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