Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend in Review.

This weekend God has graced us with the most glorious weather EVER. I have come to conclude that Heaven's temperature must be around 73 degrees... because it's absolutely perfect when it's that temperature outside :) OK, OK, I know that's a little vain by saying that. But seriously, I am in LOVE with this weather. Consequently, we've spent a good portion of this weekend outside.

Friday we headed to a local park after dinner. There's a BMX track there too, and Brayden had his first go over BMX biking with his Strider bike. He was a little hesitant at first, but by the end he was all smiles.


After Brayden's BMXing, we went for a little stroll. I know I am biased, but is he not the cutest little biker you've ever seen?


We ended the evening at the park. Again, I'm biased. But my heart just melts at the cuteness. Sometimes I look at these boys and I can't believe they're mine! Thank you God for such little (big) blessings!

Saturday was a miracle-- both boys were healthy enough to go to swim lessons! Drew volunteered to be the parent swimmer today, so I was just in charge of getting the boys ready/getting them dry. It was Connor's first time to go since he's been sick the last two times. He LOVED it. I am so glad that both of my boys love the water. We're hoping that by next summer Brayden will be swimming on his on... hoping is the key word in that sentence :)

we attempted a picture before we left so we could get them in their hog attire. The results below:
FINALLY. Seriously yall. It's like wrangling stray cats trying to get these boys to cooperate for a picture together. Lord help the photographer who is taking pictures of our family this month. ha!

After swim lessons we headed to our friend's the Coleman's for a little Razorback watch party. Here are all the kids... doing what they do best... eating :)

sweet baby Will was happy and content playing in his exersaucer. I think Connor was in the living room with Drew so I didn't get a picture of him. He enjoyed the time too though ;)

We headed home shortly after halftime. The game was a nail biter... the Hogs trailed most of the game, but pulled it out at the end, which is all that matters, right? Go Hogs! The boys gave us a little treat and both took LONG naps... thank you boys! Drew took a nap, and I sat on the couch watching football and editing pictures. When Brayden woke up, my craving for Dr. Pepper took over and so I packed B up and headed to Sonic to get everyone drinks :) Brayden was so excited to have his own "little drink" (I got him a small and he kept saying "mine a little drink, mommy a big drink" haha). When Drew and Connor woke up, we headed to the park again. Can you tell we love the outdoors this time of year? ha! Drew wanted to bike with B at the BMX track again, and so I took Connor over to a little spot and snapped pictures. He is just so precious to me, and I love watching his little personality unfold.

Brayden wanted to try out Drew's bike.
hallelujah the Hogs won!
no telling. He did try to eat the bark that was on the table. The boy is a human billy goat.

Today's just been a typical Sunday... church, Drew's studying, and another nice, lazy fall afternoon. We have a full week ahead of us, but I am grateful for the cooler weather so that if we have to be out and about atleast we're not sweating through our clothes. Hope everyone has a great week!

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