Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend in Review.

It's been another fun-filled fall weekend! Hope yall have had a good weekend too... the weather is just absolutely outstanding right now... I seriously wish that it was this way all the time. We're definitely making the most of it right now, because it won't be long before we'll have to bundle up to do anything in the great outdoors.

Friday we had family pictures! It was our first time to have professional pictures taken since Drew and I got married. Yeah, a little overdue if I do say so myself. But truth be told, I am SUPER picky about photographers, and I was having a hard time deciding on who I wanted to use. I had actually narrowed it down to two different photographers this spring, and my mind was made up for me when one of them (Blaire Perry) came to speak at our MOPS group. Aside from the fact that I loved her personality and her work, I won one of the door prizes of a session! We've waited until the fall since it's my favorite time of year here in Northwest Arkansas. I cannot wait until I see the proofs-- she picked the perfect place for our family, and despite the fact that both boys were wanting to be ANYWHERE but in front of a camera, I know she got several sweet, sweet shots! It was a late night for us on Friday, and we ended it (as usual) at Chick-Fil-A.

Saturday we woke up early with the boys, despite the fact that they went to bed 2 hours later than normal on Friday. They both had swim lessons on Saturday morning, and then we headed to Sam's Club for our weekly Sam's trip & pizza outing. Saturday afternoon I snuck away from the house for a bit to take some pictures of my Aunt and Uncle and their family. I have to say, I greatly enjoy taking pictures of kids who are older and actually WANT their pictures taken- ha! I've only been able to edit a few of them, but I was really pleased with how they came out.


Saturday evening we laid low. Drew and I were both so pooped from a long evening on Friday and a busy Saturday afternoon. We turned on the Hogs game and watched the Hogs put a pounding on Auburn. We were really excited about that!

B grabbed his pom pom when the football game came on, and started singing the fight song... so cute!
Connor helped cheer on the Hogs too, but he was more worried about crawling around and looking for a wrestling match :)

Sunday we took a day off from church and spent some time with my Aunt and Uncle and their girls. We've decided that we just have to be more intentional about spending time with them, and Sunday's work best for both of our families schedules. We headed to a local trail and creek. Brayden had a blast playing with his cousin Sophie, catching frogs and skipping rocks.

Connor had fun throwing rocks
checking out the creek
with help from Uncle Paul, Aunt Kelly, Sophie and Drew, he found a frog!
he looks SO big to me in this picture!
the frog probably had a little too much love... Aunt Kelly put it kindly by saying that he probably was enjoying some "eternal resting time" Sorry little froggy! (the frog did swim off, but it was rather slow so I'm not sure if he made it or not)
B, ofcourse, rode his bike on the trail. He really enjoyed watching these crazy geese.

Sunday afternoon we had a minor set back with household appliances. After a few days of our dishwasher making strange noises, it completely broke. Considering we dirty 4 bottles a day and numerous sippy cups, dishes and utensils, we needed a dishwasher. PRONTO. Drew was awesome and hopped in his truck to buy a new one (I had talked to the appliance repairman on Friday and after talking to him about what it would cost to replace a motor and the labor on a dishwasher, the difference was like $50 less than a new one... might as well just replace it!). After community group tonight Drew and a friend of ours installed the new dishwasher. All's well that ends well in my book :)

Hope everyone has a great week this week-- enjoy the fall weather and the changing leaves! Such great reminders of our great God :)

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