Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes You Just Get Yourself in a Pickle.

Sometimes you just get yourself in a pickle, don't you. You know, minding your own business, exploring the world. And BAM. You're stuck.
Wait, what? You don't get stuck under the kitchen table?
Oh. Well, I can speak from experience (er, uh, more like witnessing than experiencing... unfortunately for Connor, who I can assure you wished that it had been ME under the table).... it sucks.
But don't worry. He lived to tell about it. And I'm sure it won't be his first rodeo stuck underneath a kitchen chair.

(and I should note for all of those people who read this and think I kept my child crying for an extensive amount of time... it all happened in a matter of seconds. And he got plenty of hugs and kisses afterward to make up for the fact that I took 4 pictures of the event).

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