Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cutie Patootie Pumpkins

We had a great day yesterday. The weather started out rough but ended glorious. Brayden had his ups and downs but for the most part was a pleasant toddler, and Con-Con was his normal, happy self. It was a good day. It was also a special day because we got the boy's new pumpkin shirts in the mail! I won my bloggy friend Becky's giveaway for a personalized pumpkin shirt made by her sister (thanks Bonnie!). And Bonnie surprised me with TWO shirts so that the boys matched. Aren't they the cutest?! I sat back most of the day just relishing in the two little blessings God gave Drew and I... I am so blessed. Enjoy the pics!
I mean for realz? How in the world did Drew and I get so lucky?!?
...of course, this also happens in addition to the smiles :)
he's so dramatic :)
I just had to include this profile shot. Could you not just eat him up?! {LOVE}
Let's not forget about the resident stinker of the family. I asked him to smile and got this. ha!
and this.

But then. There's the heart melting photos. Goodness gracious, grab an ice pack. Your melting heart's going to need it after feasting your eyes on these next few pics. Or at least mine did.
in case you're wondering, I'm already shining my shot gun for his first date. Which won't be until he's 40 of course.

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