Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend in Review: Superheroes and Super Wrecks

We have had a busy, fun filled weekend this weekend! I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow, my cleaning day, to "rest" (if you can even call cleaning rest) and have a pajama day with my boys.

Friday was BEA-UTIFUL so we headed out to a park with some of our friends. Brayden was a little toot at the park-- running from me, not eating his lunch, throwing fits... the whole she-bang. We did have fun despite the hard attitude I was up against.

Sweet Parker.
about the only pic I got of the boy. He was too busy to mess with a photog momma.
Parker on the other hand was clearly willing to stop and pose.
Will was happy to just hang out in the stroller and watch everyone.

Friday night Drew and I enjoyed a night out without kids thanks to my cousin Bethany. Brayden was beside himself to spend time with his cousin, and Drew and I were able to eat without being interrupted by cutting up  food or picking up sippy cups, and then finished the night by watching Courageous. SUCH a good movie you guys-- please, PLEASE go see it if you have not already!

Saturday we skipped out on swim lessons for B. I think meeting some of your favorite superheroes is a good enough reason, don't you?

I'm always a little hesitant at things like this. Aside from standing in a long line with a toddler, you just never know how your kid's going to respond when they see a lifesized costumed character. Brayden was MESMERIZED though, and cried when it was his time to leave Spiderman. He gave Batman several sets of "knucks" and "high fives". Watching him interact with the superheroes definitely made me grateful to have boys-- I can do superheroes much better than princesses :) After Connor's swim lessons we headed to Sam's for a quick bite to eat and to grab OUR LAST CAN OF FORMULA! Can I get a "WOOO HOOO?!?!" This was such a big event for us, I felt like the formula can deserved a picture-- ha!
see ya later money drainer!

Drew needed to get a HEAP of reading completed on Saturday night, and since his camping trip he had been planning fell through, I sent him away to a hotel for some R&R and study time. A lot of my friend's husbands were away playing golf this weekend too, so we all met up for a pizza and movie night. Brayden was surprisingly cooperative the entire time, and was even peaceful upon getting the news it was time to go... God had mercy on me for sure! ha!

these two are only a month apart... can't wait to watch their friendship develop!
I realize this is a fuzzy pic, but seriously, this is my life. Doesn't it just make you laugh?!
aren't these little popcorn cups cute?!?!
all of the kids. Clearly we haven't entered into the adolescent phase, as the boys and girls are segregated here. The boys also didn't get a vote on the movie, as the girls all voted for The Little Mermaid. ha!

Today was our week to serve, but since Drew was gone it meant I had to get up, showered and ready and have the boys all ready and out of the door by 9am. Seems like an easy enough time to pull it off, but it always leaves me a little stressed. Add to the fact that Brayden decided this morning would be a great morning to pick on his brother, I was having to break apart wrestling matches in between putting on mascara. Such is the life with boys I guess! We did make it to church on time, so all's well that ends well!

Drew got back this afternoon around the time the boys woke up from a nap. Since I had to bring dinner to our friends the Dougherty's, we decided to make a family trip to a local walking trail. We had a great time, although Brayden gave me several near heart attacks as he teetered on the edge of the trail and the pond several times :) He likes to live on the edge-- literally! Our walk unfortunately ended in quite a few tears. Brayden has gotten pretty brave on his Strider bike and can balance with the best of them. We told him he could coast down the last hill so he was so excited to do it. Drew ran next to him almost the whole way, but by the end of the hill B was booking it. Unfortunately for B, when he goes too fast he starts to lose control on his handles. Such was the case today, and he crashed and BURNED. Poor baby hit his head (thank goodness for bike helmets!) and face hard, and had a skinned up knee. He got some good hugs from Daddy, and after about 4 minutes of being upset, picked up his bike, said "it's otay" and rode back out to the car. So brave and tough! It was his first big skinned knee, and I think we realized that both Drew and I are softies afterall-- I got B a bag of M&M's when I was in the store picking up dinner for our friends, and at the same time out in the car Drew promised B we'd go and get him a drink from Sonic. Let's hope that his special treats didn't encourage him to do this more often- ha!

partaking in his favorite past time... rock throwing
this picture cracks me up... Connor was like "PLEASE get me out of this thing!
this picture just makes me smile. This is SO Brayden. Bike Helmet, handful of rocks, and smiling HUGE. Love him!
Daddy got Connor to smile
thought this was too cool of a picture not to post
cruisin' around
here's the hill... I'll admit, it's a little steep
Just felt like I needed to leave some proof that Drew was there beside him
half-way down
he crashed a mili second after this one was taken. Poor baby
showing me his boo boo
he got a pretty good scraped up egg on his head. He's so tough though. I'm so proud of him!

Hope yall all have a great week this week! We're expected to get a cold from on Wednesday and I am SO excited. I'm already dreaming of what kind of soup I am going to make :)

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