Friday, May 7, 2010



Another busy weekend planned on our end... and my 2nd mother's day celebrating being the mom to a sweet and stubborn little boy! I wouldn't trade anything in the world to be his mommy though! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

1. What is your worst memory of your siblings?
This question makes me giggle, for I have so many memories of each of my siblings (I am the oldest of 4), it’s hard to just pick one from the past 28 years (well, they haven’t all been around that long, since I am the oldest, but you get the gist). I figured it’d not be fair to only do one sibling, especially seeing how this question is a “worst” question, so I will-- in birth order-- list all of them (you’re welcome dear siblings J
Megan-- I am not sure this is inherently negative, but it did get on my nerves at the time and is the reason that Meg and I only shared a bedroom for a short while. Our family lived in a fairly small track home until #4 was on the way, so at one point we HAD to share a room. Meg slept on the trundle that we would pull out at night and push up right next to my daybed. The problem is, when I am ready to go to bed, I AM READY TO GO TO BED. I don’t like small pillow talk where you talk about dreams, laugh, etc. I hit the pillow and I am OUT (unless of course, I am pregnant, then I toss and turn because no matter the temperature the thermostat is on I still am BURNING UP. But I digress, as that’s another post in and of itself). Meg is completely opposite of me. She loves to talk. And sing. And mumble. There would be many a nights where I would be just on the brink of falling asleep when I would hear: “Linds. Are you asleep?” “Well, Meg, I was until you DECIDED TO START TALKING TO ME.” This continued for several months. Then Meg started snoring. I am sure I probably complained enough because as soon as she could share a room with my sister Laura, she was OUTA THERE. Sorry Meg, I love ya, but it’s true.
Laura-- When Laura was a baby, she was what most would probably consider today a colicky one. Laura would literally scream for no apparent reason at the highest actable known to man. I was 8 when she was born, so I vividly remember her screaming at night, day, etc. and me BEGGING mom to make her stop. If only I knew then what I know now. There was nothing my mother could do, and I am sure that the days that I couldn’t get mom to open the bedroom door she was hiding in the corner positioned in a fetal position praying to God to make her a bird so she cold fly far, far away.
Jeff-- Jeff was a pretty easy going kid, and didn’t get into a ton of trouble, so I don’t have a TON of bad memories of him. I do remember him breaking into my baseball cards when he was probably about 4, and ruining it. I am pretty sure it wasn’t a special one, but I was still SO angry (I was pretty angry since I was so anal about my collection). I think my mom made him repay me with a card of equal value or something like that. Not really sure. Water under the bridge as they say.
2. What was YOUR naughtiest childhood memory? (Must be something YOU did, no pawning it off on someone else!) 
Hmm… I was a pretty naughty child, and liked to pawn it off on my siblings as much as possible (sorry sibs!). I would have to say that one of the worst things I did involved the sibs. Mom and dad used to leave me to babysit them when I was about 12/13. Sometimes, in an effort to scare the crap out of them, I would pretend that there was a robber in the house, corral them all into a bedroom and lock the door, and make them get on the bed (you know, so the robber wouldn’t see their feet underneath the crack under the door). If I remember correctly Meg would cry, and the other two would want mom and dad. Somehow I kept this nasty little secret secret for a while. Like until we were adults. I was a very, VERY cruel big sister. Thankfully they have all forgiven me, although they still give me hell from time to time about what I did, and of course, get Drew to side with them on the issues. Not that I don’t deserve it.
3. Where do you like to go to relax?
This is a two part question, because there are day to day places I relax and then there are actual get away places I like to go. Day to day, I would say the couch. I am a couch potato, and sitting in front of the tv and/or computer is SO relaxing to me. I also enjoy a nice bath, but our bathtubs are quite small, so sometimes that’s not the most relaxing place. My getaway place to relax is the beach. Seriously is probably the most serene place on earth. I LOVE the beach. Just going there, laying under an umbrella all day and listening to the water crash against the sand. If anyone would like to donate to my vacation savings plan, I’d greatly appreciate it. I need a getaway before baby #2 arrives in November.
4. What was the last thing you won?
A camera strap cover from Pam at Troop Petrie. It is SO cute, and I am giving away another one here on my blog! Click HERE to find out more info... all you have to do is leave a comment!!!
5. If you could be on a game show, which would you choose?
Wheel of Fortune. An oldie, but a goodie. I’d like to meet Pat Sajak, who has not aged since I was 10. I also find it entirely invigorating trying to figure out the puzzles. When I was little, I couldn’t wait for 6:00 when my dad would come home, because we would lay on the couch together and watch Wheel of Fortune. Good memories, good times. So yeah, Wheel of Fortune!

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