Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Day of Firsts

Today was a big day at our house. B man took (what I consider) his official first steps. It was completely unexpected, as I was sitting on the couch not paying much attention. He was talking and jabbering it up in the kitchen, and I turned to talk to him, and HE WAS WALKING. What in the world?!?! He won't take hardly any steps for us when we work with him, but he was walking! I was SO excited I started screaming, and B started laughing and then fell. For some reason he finds walking hysterically funny. He literally fell and then layed on the ground laughing for what felt like 5 minutes (it was probably just 30 seconds but it was SO cute nonetheless). I got some video of him a bit later taking a few more steps. I figure full time walking is right around the corner! Here's some video of the big news:

On other news, we also had another first at our house. B man pooped in the tub for the first time. Ha! Can you believe it took 13 months for it to FINALLY happen! I figured it was only a matter of time, and I was right. Thankfully Drew was bathing him, but I still had to do clean up duty. Drew called me in the bathroom saying he needed help, and I expected something kind of bad due to the tone in his voice. B was sitting on the potty completely soaked but in great spirits (who isn't after they take a nice poop!). Drew pointed to the tub and I saw this:
Drew took care of B while I took care of cleanup, bobbing for logs with my rubber gloves. Mucho funo folks! I am hoping that this is the first and only event, because if it happens again my morning sickness might kick in and there will be vomit along with the poop.
Eventful day of firsts for the little man. And I am extremely tired now and heading to bed (I had actually written a different post, and just needed to embed the youtube video. I must have typed the wrong short cut and completely deleted my post. Ughh. I am going to have to start writing in word so it doesn't happen again. I'm off to bed. Peace out peeps.

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