Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend in Review

Sadly, there are no pictures from any of our adventures this weekend. I promise you that it was a productive, fun family weekend though. 
Friday we found out that Brayden's crib was involved in the recent recalls (for more info to see if your crib is affected, you can go to: so we (I should say DREW) disassembled the crib, packed it all up and traveled to Target. We got a new crib, came straight back home, Drew set the new crib up, and B went to bed. BUSY night! This is kind of a blessing in disguise because I had always wanted a dark cherry stained crib for our baby, but when some friends graciously gave us a white 4 in 1 crib that was brand new, my mind was kind of made up for me. Well, the only convertible crib that was in stock at Target was a black cherry finish. To ice the cake off, on Sunday the crib we got on Friday went on sale on Sunday, so we were able to get $65 back! Yay!
Saturday we had swim lessons, and then pictures planned. Well, Saturday morning was kind of nasty as far as weather goes, so we canceled our photo session. Turns out that we probably could have taken pictures, but oh well. Who knew right? Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to attend. Drew had gotten the directions, and since it was at his friends house I didn't question anything. Turns out he just looked at google maps. Well, google maps is not always right. We had to drive around the neighborhood trying to find this street. When we (meaning, when I!) finally found the street, there was a house with a bounce house and balloons set up, so we just assumed that we were at the right house. Thankfully I convinced Drew not to just walk in, and when they answered the door we realized something wasn't right. We were at the wrong house! Ahhhh! I was SO embarrassed, and I made Drew call his friend. Turns out that his friend lives right next door! ha! Good story, but at the time I was mortified!
Sunday was just a typical church day. Drew needed to do some studying so when B woke up from his nap we headed out to get our receipt adjusted for the crib and to purchase some diapers. I decided that since we were so close we'd go to the outdoor mall. In my hurried state to get B in the stroller, I had set my purse on the ground. I got B all set up and set off for Payless (I was looking for shoes to wear to my sister's wedding in October). I found a pair to wear, and they were a great price so I went to check out. When I got to the register, however, I realized that I didn't have my purse. I immediately went into panic mode and left Payless in a jiff, telling the cashier to hold the shoes and I'd be right back! I literally RAN to my car (and any of you who know me well know that I NEVER run so I am sure I was a sight to behold!) in near tears thinking about all of the giftcards, credit cards and debit cards that someone would surely steal if they found my purse. I looked on the ground around the car and the purse wasn't there. Thankfully my purse happened to be in the front seat of the car. I must have put it there after I set it on the ground, obviously assuming that that would be a bad idea. Praise the Lord! That story could have been much worse! And yes, I went back to Payless and got the cute silver flats for the wedding. 
Thankfully this week is a slow week. I have a couple of blog makeovers that I am finishing up and starting this week, and a fun new venture for a girl blog that I am working on with my bloggy friend Laura. Fun stuff! Hope everyone has a great week!

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