Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pregnant Brain

Update: I also realized that in my last post, I forgot to mention another reason I was resistent to this pregnancy change. My 10 year high school reunion will be in October. My HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. The place where you're supposed to go back and show off how you've not gained any weight and look just as young as you did in the 90s. And I'll be pregnant. BIG pregnant. Well, not HUGE pregnant, but still. Thankfully my best friend Stephanie is also pregnant and due 2 weeks before me, so we'll be the two who can be large and in charge. It's funny, because normally I don't really care about what I look like, what I wear, etc. But for some reason being pregnant at my high school reunion irks me a little. But just a little. I'll get over it. And I'm sure by then I'll be SO UBER excited about baby #2 that it won't really matter anyway. That's all. Back to my original post ------------------>
During my pregnancy with Brayden, I was fairly proud of myself making it through the pregnancy without having a complete lack of mental capacity to remember things that were part of my everyday routine (post partum was a completely different story however!). This go around though, I am already shaking my head... at myself. In the past week I have found Brayden's cup of milk I was going to save from dinner for the next morning... in the pantry. Then last night, I awoke from a deep sleep remembering I had taken out 6 chicken breasts and put them in the kitchen sink... yesterday morning during B's breakfast (so that was about 20 hours out of the freezer). I saved the chicken and put it in the fridge, because I have a husband who has intestines of steel and can't stand to waste food. Sure enough, when I told him what I did, he told me he'd eat the chicken. Gross, I know, but this is why we have nicknamed him the human disposal. He's earned his nickname fair and square :)

What scares me is that I am only 11 weeks. Meaning I am not even out of the first trimester. At this rate, I'll be in a complete state of dementia by the time November rolls around. Did you suffer from pregnancy brain? I'd love to hear your stories!

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