Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guilty as Charged

We have a bit of a mole problem in our backyard. A bit actually might be an understatement. And seeing how we have a Cairn Terrier, a dog who is bred to hunt such little varmin as moles, our problem has turned into all out mole warfare. I have to verbally explain to Toby before he goes outside not to bark at the Pit Bulls, and not to dig in the yard. Normally he obeys, does his business and comes back to the door in a jiff (and if you're wondering, yes Toby really does understand, and yes, Toby really does obey. And now you know why we get so frustrated with Brayden sometimes!). Other times, on just a few occasions, he comes back to the door, clearly distraught of his disobedience for he knows that he'll have to go to his kennel. It's as if he says: I'm guilty as charged mom.


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