Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Update on Naps

If you've been praying for me since this post, I want to thank you. I have spent the last few weeks tweaking with Brayden's schedule, and I think we've finally found a solution that both baby and momma are happy with. I was really uncomfortable even thinking of dropping Brayden's morning nap, which is what alot of you recommended. He just is SO fussy after being awake for 2 hours, I couldn't imagine having to string him out all morning. In fact, just the thought makes me think about gouging my eyes out. You think I am being melodramatic, but really, I assure you that I'm not. You'd feel the same way if you had to listen to a 1 year old scream for over 3 hours. It's pure torture. But moving on...

I decided, on the advice of my best friend Stephanie, to shorten his morning nap. This was still a hard thing for me to do, since waking a sleeping baby and the peace that accompanies such naps, is against most mother's natures. I felt like I was going back in time to the 2 month mark where I had to wake B up for every feeding. But I suppose whatever works right? And works it has. In the past week, B has taken 1 hour morning naps, and then in the afternoon takes naps that are atleast 2, but mostly closer to 3 hour naps. He wakes up happy (for the most part) in a delightfully happy mood, and I get a great afternoon nap as well (which is GREATLY needed, as I am extremely fatigued by 1pm due to pregnancy). I'm sure we'll get to a point where the 1 hour is too much nap, and then I'll shorten it some more, until he's not even taking a nap. Stephanie said that this normally happened around 16-18 months with her boys, so hopefully that will be true for me as well. That will give me morning naps right up until #2 arrives. Then I'll be writing posts about how you get sleep or showering in when you have a 19 month old and a baby. Until then... thank you!

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